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5 Human Rights Job Vacancies In Crisis Zones with UNICEF, IRC, NRC


Emergency Officer (UNICEF)
The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) is looking for an Emergency Officer in the Syrian Arab Republic. The Emergency Officer has three main duties: ensuring preparation for an emergency, emergency response, and emergency projects. S/he will be expected, although not limited to carry out such tasks as providing risk analysis, forming emergency plans of action, collect data on threats, assist in organizing emergency staff training, participate in the implementation of plans for emergency projects, and so much more. A Master’s Degree in social sciences, public administration, human rights, international relations, or a relevant field is required for this position. Candidates must have at least 2 years of experience in a professional environment in a role of project or program management, administration, evaluation, or implementation. Previous experience in an emergency response environment would be an asset. Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic is required. The duration of this contract is one year. Applications must be sent in before May 18, 2016.

Prevention Officer (IRC)
logoThe International Rescue Committee has a vacancy for a Woman’s Protection and Empowerment/Gender Based Violence Prevention Officer in Athens, Greece. The Prevention Officer will be responsible for identifying risks for females in hostile areas and implementing strategies to address those dangers. S/he will conduct regular safety audits for woman and girls in specific areas and will oversee all advocacy efforts. A Bachelor’s of Arts or Science in a field such as human rights, public health, humanities, or social science is required to be considered for this position. The candidate must be computer literate and have the ability to effectively navigate MS programs such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Fluency in English, Arabic, or Farsi is highly desired. Only national applicants will be accepted for this position. Since this is a response to an emergency, interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The deadline for this application is May 15, 2016, but the offer may expire before that date.

Field Safety And Security Coordinator (NRC)
The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has a vacancy for a Field Safety and Security Coordinator in Sudan. The purpose of this position is to ensure the safety of NRC employees and personnel. The Field Safety and Security Coordinator must provide risk analysis, develop management plans, conduct training or briefings, ensure quality control and compliance with company guidelines, ensure a timely report of dangers and a timely response, assess training needs, support the management team, and many more tasks. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a security related field is required, along with at least 4 years’ experience in a security management position. S/he will be expected to be knowledgeable of the current situation in Sudan and experienced in working in hostile environments. Technical expertise in management is required. Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Deadline to apply for this role is May 24, 2016.

Conflict and Policy Analyst (NRC)
nrcThe Norwegian Refugee Council is hiring a Conflict and Policy Analyst in Juba. The conflict and Policy Analyst will develop and implement research activities, construct analysis briefings and reports, offering advice on a wide range of relevant issues, identifying research opportunities, manage consultants, plan workshops and training sessions, ensure timely execution, contribute to budget management and analysis, and contribute to the advocacy efforts of the Norwegian Refugee Council. The successful applicant will have a Bachelor’s Degree in law, social sciences, international development, conflict resolution, or another human rights relevant field, as well as a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a related professional environment and 3 years’ of field experience. Candidates with prior experience in the Sudan area is preferred, as well as experience in humanitarian work. S/he will be expected to demonstrate a large variety of project management skills. Fluency in written and spoken English is required for this role. The deadline for this contract is May 17, 2016.

Case Management Assistant (Watan Syria)
Watan Syria is hiring a Case Management Assistant in Adana, Turkey. The Case Management Assistant will be responsible for identifying and registering clients that require further assessment, registering urgent cases through the hotline, preparing case summaries, recording and updating all cases in the case management database, providing detailed assessments, preparing intervention plans, and so much more. A successful candidate will have at least 3 years’ experience in working with the NGO, social work, implementing production activities, and case management. S/he must have strong communication, report writing, and computer skills. S/he will be expected to properly navigate a variety of MS computer applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. The Case Management Assistant will be expected to be fluent in written and spoken Arabic. S/he must also be proficient in communicating through text or orally in English. This position is only available to national candidates. The application for this role closes on May 15, 2016.

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