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Free Online Course on “Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity”


MOOC Chile is launching a new Massive Open Online Course on “Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity”. This free online course will be available from August 31 onwards. In the course introduction participants will discuss the terminology related to sexual orientation and non discrimination. Then participants will be encouraged to discover the historical backgrounds of the fight against gender discrimination and of the sexual orientation movement. At the core of the MOOC is the discussion of international human rights documents, their interpretation and application, and the analysis of case studies. The participants will also learn about international organizations like UN Women and their work regarding Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity. Some of the most pressing issues that will be discussed in the MOOC include Sexual harassment, feminicide and female genital mutilaton.

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  • I like and appriciate the content of the course and I believe through knowledge that participants will acquire it can be easy to raise awareness on equal treatment between men and women in society by removing all discrimination and humiliation to both men and women especially to the disadvantaged group

  • First of all I would like to thank for the chance to get study freely and get certified for those who need to use these chance and second I hope you are going to mail me that when the programs is started to follow; waiting that.

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