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ICRC recruits Delegates and Trainees


The International Committee of the Red Cross was founded in 1863 to help individuals whose lives have been devastated by wars, conflicts and armed violence. Today, the organization operates around the world, helping individuals overcome hardship while acting as activists to encourage the enforcement of laws that protect victims of war.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Committee of the Red Cross has more than 14,500 employees working in over 80 countries. The organization is funded primarily through donations made by governments from around the world as well as from funds from the Red Crescent and Red Cross.

The organization is involved with relief and advocacy work related to a number of issues, including sexual violence, economic insecurity, disability services, forensic science and humanitarian action, health care, immigration and refugees, mine safety and environmental protection. Because of their strong infrastructure, the organization is able to deploy quickly when conflicts and disasters occur around the world.

Currently, the International Committee of the Red Cross is accepting applications for several new delegate positions.

International Committee of the Red Cross Delegates (In the field)

Field Delegate

Weapon contamination delegate – Explosive ordnance disposal specialist

Weapon contamination delegate – Risk education / risk awareness specialists

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