About us

We share reliable and well-researched information about human rights career opportunities and create engaging, simple and inclusive educational human rights content that reaches millions of readers every year.


We inspire young professionals and career changers to pursue a career in human rights.


We create engaging educational human rights content to learn about human rights issues.


We equip job seekers and career changers with the skills they need to thrive in human rights jobs.

Human Rights Careers is run by human rights professionals and pioneers from all over the world. All our staff members, contributors and advisors have academic and/or working experience in the human rights sector. They have served as staff members and independent experts at large and small human rights organizations including Amnesty International, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Committee of the Red Cross and many others. Learn more about our team and our supporters.

We believe everyone should be able to pursue a career in human rights regardless of their background, economic status or characteristics. That’s why we have built the largest platform in the world for human rights opportunities from ground up.

Our goal is to make human rights careers more accessible to everyone. And by doing so we are becoming a launchpad of human rights impact.

Robert Fellner, Founder and CEO

To achieve this goal, we offer services to our readers (students, alumni, professionals, young leaders and career changers) and our clients (universities, non-governmental and intergovernmental human rights organizations).

  • We offer well-researched and reliable information about human rights career opportunities including master’s degrees, online courses, field trips, paid internships, jobs, summer schools, scholarships, fellowships, traineeships and more. This saves our readers time and ensures that all opportunities on our website are approved by a human rights professional.
  • We create engaging, inclusive and accessible educational human rights contents for students, alumni, professionals and those who aim to transition into a human rights career. With our contents we aim to inspire, educate and equip the next generation of human rights professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their jobs.
  • We provide digital marketing and promotional services to the United Nations, human rights NGOs, universities and selected hand-vetted companies all over the world. The revenue enables us to strengthen our mission and offer our website free of charge to more than six million annual readers.
  • We develop human-centered web experiences on our own website and offer web design services to small NGOs, charities, companies and other entities with a focus on social impact.

By combining our human rights expertise with other skills including digital marketing, content creation, instructional design, web design and web optimization, we offer a unique blend of services to our readers and clients. If you have any questions, please contact us.

For students, young leaders, professionals and career changers


We research and curate reliable information about human rights career opportunities.

Educational Content

We create simple, engaging educational human rights content for millions of readers.

Career Advice

We offer tailored career sessions for human rights students and career changers.


We maintain directories of master’s programs, scholarships, paid internships and more.

Online Courses

We design online courses to equip everyone with the skills they need to thrive in their human rights jobs.

Career Guides

We draft guides for specific human rights career paths, professions and topical issues.

For universities, international organizations and NGOs

Digital Marketing

We provide marketing services to the United Nations, NGOs and universities globally.


We promote human rights jobs to our global audience of job seekers and human rights professionals.


We create learner-centered and action-oriented learning journeys for NGOs, IOs and universities.

For small NGO and charity websites

Website Audits

We review your website according to our own quality criteria and issue an opportunity report.

Web Design

We create reader-centered web experiences that are optimized for humans and their needs.

Technical Support

We offer technical support and maintenance services to small charities and NGO websites.

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