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Democracy and Development: Perspectives from Africa


Democracy and Development: Perspectives from Africa is an online course currently being offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This course puts focus on key topics regarding the development and the study of Africa. It will look at crucial insights and ideas from a number of different African colleagues. Students will be given a solid foundational introductory course that will explore political development in Africa by using analytical tools from a variety of social sciences.

The Democracy and Development: Perspectives from Africa course will teach about the impact that colonial rule, slavery and geography had on modern day economic and political development; the understanding of interests and identities of African citizens and how they are brought into democratic policies; how different democratic designs are being taken advantage of in democracies in Africa and the way that they are affecting society; and how to develop a big picture of the major African issues and more.

The course is geared toward any potential student who wants to learn and understand more about the politics in Africa and those interested in understanding the relationship between the politics and obtainment of better human development. Finally, it is for those who want an introduction to a political science-based approach to such topics. The course will last for seven weeks, requiring you to study for at least three to four hours a week. This introductory social sciences course is taught solely in English.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2-4 hours (per week)
Sustainable Development, Protest
7 Weeks