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Global Media, War, and Technology

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University of Queensland
2-4 hours (per week)
Peace and Conflict, Expression
7 Weeks
Explore the intersection of information technology, violent conflict, and resistance.

Global Media, War, and Technology is an online course offered by the University of Queensland in Australia. The class explores how information technology is used to both promote and combat violent conflict and peaceful resistance in today’s world. Students and professionals involved in humanitarian work, social justice, information technology, security and political science will find the course useful. As an introductory social sciences course, the class has no perquisites.

Taught in English, Global Media, War, and Technology is presented through a series of videos and supplemental readings. Students also participate in online discussions and complete a number of illustrative assignments, including research, critical viewing, media analysis, image analysis and surveys. Those who successfully complete all assignments will pass the class. Although the class is free to access, those who require a verified certificate of completion will be assessed a fee.

Global Media, War, and Technology is a seven-week class that requires 2 to 4 hours of study time per week. During the first week, students receive an introduction to global media and war, learning the basic context for the course. The second and third weeks discuss how media has shifted in the cyber age and how surveillance has increased with the advent of new technologies. During the fourth week, students will learn how online images are connected to violent and nonviolent global conflicts. The fifth and sixth weeks discuss how democratic nations are waging war with technology and how the military-industrial-media-entertainment complex has evolved. Finally, the course explores how terrorist groups are currently employing media to recruit and wage a new type of war.

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