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Introduction to Humanitarian Aid

Explore guiding principles and approaches used by humanitarian teams.

Earthquake, flood, fire, famine and conflict — we seem to be hearing more about these things every day, and watching as they impact communities all over the world. Fortunately there are organisations trained and ready to assist communities affected by disasters.

On this course you will explore the long history of humanitarianism, learning about the important principles and values that underpin it. You’ll also discover how the humanitarianism works across the globe, understanding how responses to disasters are coordinated and learning more about the various bodies involved.

What topics will you cover?

– the history of humanitarianism
– the principles and values that underpin humanitarian action
– different actors and how the system works
– exploring if localisation is the future of humanitarian action


Deakin University
2-4 hours (per week)
Humanitarian Work
2 Weeks

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