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Justice, one of the most famous courses taught at Harvard College, is an introduction to moral and political philosophy, offering an opportunity to discuss contemporary dilemmas and controversies.


Justice is an online course offered by Harvard University. The course is taught by notable professor Michael Sandel and is one of the most popular classes offered at the university’s campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Now, through this special program, students around the world can take the course free of charge. For a small fee, students can receive a verified certificate upon completing the class.

An introductory course, Justice has no prerequisites and can be beneficial to students of all levels and professionals of all experience levels. The course material is presented through a series of videos. Instruction is given in English with closed captioning offered in German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. In addition to the videos, the course includes supplemental readings from great minds like John Stuart Mill, John Rawls, John Locke, Immanuel Kant, and Aristotle. Students will also be given court cases to review and articles related to political controversies to review.

Justice is a 12-week class that requires a time commitment of 3 to 6 hours per week for success. Students are expected to participate in online discussions and to complete quizzes and short assignments based on the information covered in the readings and videos. The class begins with a look at the fundamentals of political philosophy, tracing its origins from the classical age to the modern period. Then, the course explains the roles that the justice and criminal systems play in modern society and breaks down the key philosophical arguments for and against topics like affirmative action, equality and same sex marriage.


Harvard University
4-6 hours (per week)
Other Issues
12 Weeks