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Politics, Art and Resistance

Explore what it means to resist in contemporary art and politics.

Politics, Art and Resistance is an online course offered by the University of Kent. The class is ideal for individuals working in the arts or in political activism. An entry-level course, the class has no prerequisites or work experience requirements.

Lasting for four weeks, Politics, Art and Resistance is presented in the form of videos and supplemental readings. Students are given four modules with culminating assignments. Each module will require roughly 4 hours of study time to complete successfully. Upon completing all four assignments with a passing grade, students will pass the course. A paid certificate is available to verify successful completion.

Through Politics, Art and Resistance, students will learn about how art is connected to politics. The class discusses how art movements have inspired political action and change in the past. Students will learn what art manifestos are and how to write their own. In addition, the course examines how the arts can relate to social and political issues. At the end of the class, students will have an opportunity to produce their own image of resistance to have added to a photo mosaic that will be displayed through the Tate Exchange at Tate Modern.

University of Kent
2-4 hours (per week)
Expression, Protest, Other Issues
4 Weeks

Disclosure: Human Rights Careers may be compensated by course providers.

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