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Public Health in Humanitarian Crises

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Johns Hopkins University
2-4 hours (per week)
Humanitarian Work, Global Health
5 Weeks


Public Health in Humanitarian Crises is an online course offered by Johns Hopkins University. The course is beneficial for aid workers, health care professionals, students and anyone else with an interest in public health delivery and humanitarian relief work. No experience or previous education is required for success in the course, as it is an entry-level class geared toward those without any knowledge of the subject.

Taught entirely online, Public Health in Humanitarian Crises consists of a series of modules made up of instructional videos. In total, students receive access to 9 hours of video. Along with the videos, the instructors assign readings, give quizzes and require students to complete a peer assessment. Students will need to spend roughly 2 to 3 hours per week on the course.

Ideally, Public Health in Humanitarian Crises is meant to be taken at a pace of one module per week. At this rate, students can complete all of the coursework in 10 weeks. The modules included in the syllabus are Humanitarian Disasters and Public Health; Humanitarian Actors and Coordination; Water and Sanitation; Nutrition in Humanitarian Crises; Management of Diseases in Humanitarian Crises; Health Care in Humanitarian Emergencies; Shelter in a Humanitarian Setting; Protection of Displaced Populations: Human Rights & Humanitarian Law and Emerging Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Humanitarian Emergencies.

Public Health in Humanitarian Crises is offered free of charge online. Students who require a certificate of completion for evidence of having taken the course can receive one for a small fee.

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