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Social Entrepreneurship

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Copenhagen Business School
2-4 hours (per week)
Other Issues
12 Weeks


The Social Entrepreneurship Specialization program is an online course of study offered by the Copenhagen Business School of Denmark. Anyone who is interested in starting their own business can benefit from completing the program, as can current entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to give their business a more positive social impact. As a beginners level program, the course of study has no prerequisites.

To complete the entire Social Entrepreneurship Specialization program, students must successfully fulfill the requirements for three classes. Each course is taught online. Classes can be taken individually in any order; however, the school offers a suggested order of courses for students to follow. Those who successfully complete the classes can receive a certificate of completion to display on their social media profiles and feature on their resumes.

The first course offered in the Social Entrepreneurship Specialization is Identifying Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities. During the five-week class, students will discover how to identify areas of social concern that can translate into a profitable business that does good for the world while providing steady income. Through the second course, Social Business Model and Planning for Social Innovation, students learn what a business plan is and how to develop one for a social entrepreneurship enterprise. Students will have a chance to write their own business plans during the class.

Unleashing the Impact of your Social Enterprise is the final course of the specialization. The five-week class discusses how to measure the impact of social enterprises and how to effectively market these types of companies. A final business plan is submitted at the end of the program.

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