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The Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development

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SDG Academy
2-4 hours (per week)
Sustainable Development
8 Weeks
Learn how the neurological makeup affects children’s development and how factors such as forced migration impact a child’s future

This Massive Open Online course is taught by leading Child Development experts from UNICEF, Harvard University and New York University. Over the course of eight weeks, you discover what is required for children to lead healthy and happy lives.

In this course you will learn about the current state of children in today’s world and how to mitigate threats to the well-being of children. Together with your peers you will learn and discuss how the brain of a child works and develops, what is the impact of toxic stress and how you can foster resilience in children in times of crises.

After completing the course, you will also be able to distinguish between the different areas of child development including physical, language, social and emotional development. In case studies you will explore how conflict and migration affect a child’s development and how child protection programs can protect children from harm.

The course is ideal for child rights, international development, teaching, nursing and medicine students but will also provide valuable insights for teachers and healthcare professionals who are interested in the societal and biological factors that influence child development.  The course will also help human rights, non-profit and international development practitioners to deepen their understanding of what is necessary to help children globally.

While this course is available to audit for free, you can opt-in for a paid verified certificate for an extra fee. Financial aid is available for those who qualify through the course provider.

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