UK Mission to the United Nations

Location: Geneva, Switzerland.
Compensation: CHF 1,250/month.
Duration: up to 6 months.
Application Deadline: depends on the vacancy.

Another way to get an internship in the United Nations is through your national government. UN member states have their separate missions to the UN, so it is likely that they also offer internship opportunities to early-career professionals. One such country is the United Kingdom which has a well-established internships scheme.

The UK Mission to the UN in Geneva is concerned with UK participation in the UN and other international organizations such as IOM and WTO. The office covers the work of more than 35 international organizations to which the UK provides financial contributions. This mission does not deal with consular or visa services.

The Mission accepts interns on a regular basis. Selected interns work on a variety of issues such as trade, human rights, humanitarian issues, disarmament, and health.


  • Graduates with a degree in a relevant field

The UK Mission provides all interns with a training allowance of up to CHF 1,250/month and is not able to offer any further assistance with regards to transport or accommodation.

Internship opportunities can be found at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s job board.

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