5 human rights activities you can do on a weekend

Human rights are an important aspect of everyone’s everyday life, whether we are aware of it or not. We have compiled a short list of five activities you can engage in, to learn more about human rights in just a weekend.

#1. Watch a human rights movie

Watching a human rights documentary or movie is a great way to learn more about the harsh realities people are facing around the world. Human rights movies are available on all popular movie streaming platforms such as Netflix. If you are lucky enough to live close by, you may also want to attend one of the human rights film festivals. These festivals provide important platforms for independent filmmakers and offer the opportunity to engage in discussions and learn first-hand about their experiences.

#2. Read a human rights book

No matter if you are a human rights student, a seasoned professional or an activist who supports human rights, there is a human rights book for everyone. You may be interested to start with an introduction to human rights or delve into a more specific topic such as human trafficking, social justice or refugee rights. You do not necessarily need to spend money on human rights books. Here is a list of human rights law books you can download for free.


#3. Take a human rights course

If you want to learn more about human rights and how you can defend human rights, you may want to join a free online course on human rights. Some courses provide a general introduction and overview of human rights, while others deal with specific issues such as Women’s Rights, Child Rights or Diversity and Inclusion. If you like, you can opt-in for a paid certificate and earn a credential for an extra fee.

#4. Visit a human rights museum

Human rights museums are very intense experiences. They provide immersive ways to better understand current and historic atrocities such as the Holocaust, the Khmer Rouge and the refugee crises. When you plan your next trip, don’t forget to visit a human rights museum.

#5 Volunteer for a human rights cause

If you want to get active on your weekends, consider joining one of the human rights organizations in your city. If you are living in a remote area there are still plenty of opportunities to get active with organizations like Amnesty International, Oxfam or Human Rights Watch.

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