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15 Trusted Charities Fighting for Housing Rights

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes housing as one of the rights vital to a person’s “standard of living adequate for the health and well-being.” While everyone deserves shelter, around 1.6 billion people don’t have access to good housing and other basic services. According to the UN, as many as 3 billion people might not have decent housing by 2030. Home and rental prices are rising too fast, there’s not enough affordable housing and more people are experiencing poverty and homelessness. Here are 15 charities fighting for housing rights, the rights of refugees, the rights of people experiencing homelessness and other housing-related issues.

# Organization
1 Habitat for Humanity
2 National Alliance to End Homelessness
3 World Habitat
4 New Story
5 Positive Action in Housing
6 African Services Committee
7 The Fuller Center for Housing
8 National CAPACD
9 The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights
10 Rebuilding Alliance
11 Housing Justice
12 National Low Income Housing Coalition
13 National Fair Housing Alliance
14 Housing All Australians
15 National Center for Healthy Housing


#1. Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity is an international nonprofit that builds and repairs homes, revitalizes neighborhoods and advocates for affordable housing. It believes in “adequate housing,” which includes accessibility, safety, respect of culture, protection against discrimination, a healthy environment and so on. Habitat for Humanity works in 70+ countries. The nonprofit also compiles research on safe, affordable housing’s impact on health, children’s education, income stability and more.

To learn more about your donation options, check out Habitat for Humanity’s website.

#2. National Alliance to End Homelessness

The National Alliance to End Homelessness is an American organization working to prevent and end homelessness in the United States. Founded in 1983, the organization researches solutions to homelessness, works with local and federal partners on policy and creates resources for communities and organizations. The Homelessness Research Institute does research, while the Center for Capacity Building offers technical assistance, tools and training to providers and public agencies. It advocates for solutions like rapid re-housing, a more effective crisis response system, permanent supportive housing and higher wages.

The National Alliance to End Homelessness accepts donations through its website.

#3. World Habitat

World Habitat is an international charity that promotes housing solutions. It’s best known for the World Habitat Awards, which it organizes with UN-Habitat. The awards recognize innovative and successful housing ideas, projects and programs. Its awarded solutions like community-led housing models and climate-resilient housing projects. The charity also coordinates a network of housing organizations and governments, so solutions can be shared. With its European End Street Homelessness Campaign, World Habitat works in 13 cities.

To learn more about World Habitat’s work, visit its website.

#4. New Story

New Story believes land ownership and home financing are key to ending the housing crisis, so it works to increase land accessibility for families in Latin America. It develops land with all the utilities (water, sewage, electricity, etc) and sells to families at an affordable monthly rate. Families can then use the financing to either buy one of New Story’s housing prototypes or build their own. New Story distinguishes itself from “traditional charities” by working closely with developers, financial institutions and the government, so the charity is not as dependent on donations.

New Story welcomes donors, impact investors and corporate/brand partners. More information can be found on the website.

#5. Positive Action in Housing

Positive Action in Housing is a Scottish homelessness and human rights charity that supports refugees and migrants. When refugees and migrants first arrive in a new country, they’re at a high risk of homelessness, poverty and discrimination. Positive Action in Housing provides information, advice and practical support through programs like the Emergency Relief Fund, the Money Skills project and the Room for Refugees Network, the UK’s oldest refugee hosting program. Since 2002, the charity has housed over 4,000 refugees and registered 16,000 hosts.

Positive Action in Housing accepts one-time and monthly donations.

Interested in learning more about the right to housing? Here’s our article on Housing Justice 101.

#6. African Services Committee

The African Services Committee is a Harlem human rights agency for immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers from the African Diaspora. It addresses a variety of needs, like health, social welfare, education, nutrition and housing. Its Housing Placement Assistance Program helps clients secure safe housing and housing-related services in New York City. The team also helps with long-term housing benefits and workshops on financial planning, home safety and tenant rights. African Services has special consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

To donate to the African Services Committee, please visit the website.

#7. The Fuller Center for Housing

The Fuller Center for Housing is a Christian organization focused on ending poverty housing. It was established by Habitat for Humanity’s founder, but it’s a separate organization. Through partnerships with churches, schools, civic organizations, businesses and volunteers, the Center builds houses that are sold to homeowners for an affordable price. The Center also uses The Greater Blessing Program, which lets homeowners repay loans on their own terms with no legal obligation. According to its website, the charity works in 70+ American communities and 20 countries.

The Fuller Center for Housing accepts donations through its website.

#8. The National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development

National CAPACD is a coalition of almost 100 community organizations in 21 states and the Pacific Islands. With its coalition of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island (AA and NHPI) organizations, the charity supports low-income communities. Nationwide, National CAPACD assists over two million people experiencing poverty. Its programs focus on areas like small businesses, financial empowerment and housing counseling. Its housing program is a network of agencies providing education for low and moderate-income AA and NHPI homeowners and renters in 30+ languages.

To support National CAPACD’s work, visit the website.

#9. The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights

Originally called the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation, the Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) advocates for the right to housing. Its free housing stabilization and legal services programs serve vulnerable renters in Ontario, while it also educates housing and service providers on housing law, eviction prevention, provider responsibilities and more. CCHR compiles research to encourage public action and partners with municipal, regional and national organizations and agencies. While it focuses on Canada, CCHR wants to promote housing rights internationally, too.

You can donate to CCHR on its website.

Author perspective: Escaping poverty is very hard when you don’t have a stable address. Getting a decent-paying job is way more complicated, as is something as basic as getting an ID. It’s also hard (and sometimes impossible) to open a bank account, register to vote, receive government benefits or find healthcare! While human rights can’t be ranked by importance, so many other rights and opportunities flow from the right to housing.

#10. Rebuilding Alliance

Rebuilding Alliance is a nonprofit advancing the rights of Palestinian people through advocacy, education and support, including the right to a home. Since its founding in 2003, the charity has worked with Palestinian and Israeli NGO coalitions to rebuild neighborhoods, advocate for village-centered rebuilding and promote human rights. Its programs have included meals, garden playgrounds, COVID-19 support and family-guided construction in Gaza. In response to the mass killings in Gaza, Rebuilding Alliance has partnered with the World Food Program to distribute food.

To support Rebuilding Alliance’s work, visit their donation portal.

#11. Housing Justice

Housing Justice is a London-based Christian charity responding to homelessness in the UK. It partners with faith groups, communities and churches through a network of 1,000 churches, a hosting program and a Citadel program, which helps connect individuals to communities, jobs, healthcare, hobbies and more. Housing Justice also helps churches surrender surplus land and unused buildings for affordable housing.

Learn more about Housing Justice’s donation options on its website.

#12. National Low Income Housing Coalition

The National Low Income Housing Coalition, which is based in the United States, launched in 1974. Its goal is to educate the public on affordable housing, save existing assisted homes and housing resources, expand low-income housing, and make housing stability the focus of housing policy. The charity’s teams focus on research, policy, mobilization and communications. Areas of focus include racial equity and fair housing, Native American housing, rural housing, the housing first approach and much more. The website also compiles information on every state’s most urgent housing needs.

To support the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s work, please visit the website.

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#13. National Fair Housing Alliance

The National Fair Housing Alliance, an American charity, works to end housing discrimination and protect equitable housing opportunities. Its programs and initiatives focus on education, outreach, training, policy and advocacy, development investments and housing law. Issues like redlining, credit and equity in tech are of special interest. The website also provides information on reporting housing discrimination. If your area doesn’t have a fair housing center, you can file a report with the National Fair Housing Alliance.

Click here to make a donation to the National Fair Housing Alliance.

#14. Housing All Australians

Housing All Australians is a national organization using business-led actions to create housing solutions. Its priorities include pop-up housing, affordable housing options and education on the consequences of not housing everyone. The charity also commissions action, advocacy and research through an economic lens. One example is Give Me Shelter, which is a series of reports showing the financial costs of failing to address affordable, public and social housing.

Housing All Australians accepts donations on its website.

#15. National Center for Healthy Housing

The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) is an American nonprofit focused on safe, healthy housing for everyone. It has conducted 30+ years of research, provided support and resources to 600+ coalition members, provided over $1 million in grants, and helped strengthen housing codes, healthy housing professional development and more. The charity is a valuable resource on the connection between health and housing. Visitors to the website can find resources, tools, best practices, case studies and more on healthy housing efforts.

To donate to the National Center for Healthy Housing’s work, click here.

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