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3 Free Online Courses on Reconciliation and Indigenous Education

Aboriginal Worldviews and Education

Aboriginal Worldviews and Education is an online course offered by the University of Toronto. The class is intended both for Aboriginal and non-aboriginal students hoping to learn more about indigenous life. Students will approach the topic from a broad perspective, receiving background into the cultural, spiritual, and philosophical world views of Aboriginals and how this unique background requires a special approach for education. Not just for those in education, the class can also be beneficial for people whose professional work involves contact with Aboriginals.

Taught in English through a series of videos, Aboriginal Worldviews and Education lasts for 6 weeks. Students should plan to spend 6 to 8 hours per week viewing the videos, completing assigned readings, taking quizzes and working on other assignments. The class is free to enroll in online; however, students requiring a verified certificate of completion will need to pay a small fee for the service.

Indigenous Canada

Indigenous Canada is an online course offered by Doctors Tracy Bear and Paul Gareau of the University of Canada in Alberta. The class explores both historical and contemporary issues facing indigenous people living in Canada. Divided into 12 video lessons, the class covers the overall indigenous world view, the impact of the fur trade, historical treaties, cultural assimilation, political structures, sovereign lands, social movements and pop culture and art. Students will learn about special populations within indigenous communities, such as women and children.

To be successful in Indigenous Canada, students should expect to spend roughly 3 to 4 hours on each lesson of the program. Ideally, the course should be taken over a 12-week period with one lesson completed each week; however, students are free to view the videos and complete the readings and supplemental assignments at their own pace. There is no fee to register for and take the course, but those who require a verified certificate of completion will be charged an administrative fee.

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education is an online course taught by Jan Hare of the University of British Columbia. The purpose of the class is to provide community leaders, service workers, teachers and managers with insight into how indigenous histories, perspectives and world views impact learning. By the end of the course, students will have an understanding as to how to best approach teaching, instructing and coaching members of indigenous communities.

Taught in English, the Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education is presented through a series of videos that are view-able online. Supplemental readings accompany the videos and provide more insight into the material covered in the course. Students will need to spend about 3 to 4 hours per week on the course material, and the class lasts for 6 weeks. While there is no fee to enroll in or access the program, students who require a verified certificate of completion at the end of the course will be assessed a fee.

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