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3 reasons your Inspira UN Job application will get screened out instantly


Did you send dozens of job applications through Inspira but you never got any invitation for the assessment? Maybe you got filtered by the automatic Inspira filtering system before any recruiter even saw your application.

We compiled some reasons why your Inspira UN Job Application will get rejected instantly.


All entry level jobs and early career recruitment programmes at the UN require fluency in one or more specific languages. If the Job offer you apply for requires “fluency” in English and you indicate that your level in one of the categories (speaking, reading, writing and listening) is only “confident” or “basic”, your application will be screened out immediately by the Inspira filtering system. Similarily you must indicate that you are “fluent” or “confident” in at least two categories (speaking, reading, writing and listening) if the job offer requires “knowledge of” a specific language. Also do not forget to list your mother tongue.

Working experience

At the United Nations entry level jobs labelled with the grade P-1 and P-2 require 0-2 years of prior working experience. In reality P-1 jobs do not really exist anymore and consequently all UN jobs require prior working experience. In the initial screening process the UN Inspira system will count together all the working experience you indicate. If the sum of your work experience does not match the minimum requirements of a specific position you will get screened out automatically.

Education and Other Information

All applications are initially screened and evaluated based on the information provided in their PHP only. For professional and above level positions you always need to include your university degree(s) or you will be automatically screened out by the system. If you cannot find your university or school when adding your education details to your application, search for “Other Institution” and enter the name of your institution.

All candidates applying for an UN job through Inspira must be between 18 and 59 years old to be eligible. Furthermore all applicants are required to provide information about their criminal record. If he/she has been arrested or summoned into court in a criminal proceeding, or if he/she got fined, imprisoned or convicted, the applicant is required to provide further details on his/her case.

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