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5 Great Websites To Search For Human Rights Career Opportunities

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With more than 500,000 readers per month Human Rights Careers is the world’s largest platform to find career opportunities in human rights. On our page you’ll find paid internships, scholarships, top masters programs, summer schools, online courses and a broad variety of other opportunities. While the majority of the articles are tailored to early career professionals, there is a growing number of resources for mid- and senior-level professionals too. While there are certainly larger job boards, HRC also maintains a job board where you can regularly find hand-picked job opportunities in the human rights sector.


Over 100,000 organizations use Idealist to advertise listings for employees, interns, volunteers, and more. It is by far the most extensive database in this article. Listings can be searched by the type of position (ie, paid, unpaid, etc), by organization, by event, and even by person. Then the search can be filtered further by keywords and locations. Once a search query has been submitted, the results can be filtered down more specifically by a whole range of factors – from amount of hours to the education required. Currently the website has listings for over twelve thousand jobs worldwide. The detail provided from posting to posting is varied, though in general it seems they provide an excellent amount of detail.


Reliefweb functions as more than just a job seeker domain. In fact, the site is more focused on the gathering and distribution of information relating to worldwide disasters and situations requiring relief. From the tabs at the top of the page one can choose to look at the newest updates, countries currently affected by disaster, the disasters themselves, organizations involved in relief efforts, and more. Of course, there is also a tab for job listings. These listings are then split into four groups: internships, jobs, consultancies, and volunteer opportunities. There are over two thousand jobs listed from over four thousand organizations, and they seem almost solely focused on relief efforts. Interestingly, there is also a tab where one can search for training opportunities. Perhaps not the most comprehensive of human rights job websites, it is nonetheless definitely a recommended resource for those wishing to add to their skill set.


EuroBrussels, as the name implies, is a website primarily focused on jobs in the area of European affairs. There is a basic job search tool, though there aren’t nearly as many listing as the previous two websites. What makes EuroBrussels unique, though, is the added option of the jobseeker to post their resume. Not only that, but the site has an incredibly useful tool to search through relevant education opportunities as schools across Europe. Currently the database for both the job and the education search is lacking in numbers in comparison to other human rights careers websites, though it is a great place to start for anyone focusing their efforts on Europe.

Center for Human Rights and Global Justice

The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice is a job search platform hosted by the University of New York’s School of Law. This is a website aimed primarily at students and graduates of NYU, and there are numerous listed opportunities for NYU students to gain more experience in the field they desire to work in. Many of the posted jobs, however, may be applied to by anyone. The scholarship listings (of which currently there are none), on the other hand, may not always be so open. The website also offers extensive written resources regarding the field of human rights, applying for scholarships, and more. It also lists any relevant events scheduled by or around NYU.

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