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5 Excellent Undergraduate Studies in Human Rights

B.A. Human Rights and Social Justice (University in Ottawa)

Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Human Rights. The major is intended for those who are interested in continuing their studies of humanitarian or human rights issues at the graduate level as well as for those who are interested in working as advocates or in the field. All students in the program take courses in introductory human rights, human rights issues, legal studies, human rights theory, power relations, social justice, human rights philosophy and human rights in politics. The university’s location in Ottawa makes it possible for students to complete top notch internships during the course of their studies.

B.A. Human Rights (University in Malmö)

Malmö University in Malmö, Sweden, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in human rights for students who wish to pursue entry-level work in political or legal fields doing work related to human rights and for students intending to further their studies at the graduate level. The multi-disciplinary program takes six semesters to complete and includes three courses on human rights, each of which includes a major individual or group project. Students also select five elective courses in ethics, politics or law that relate directly to their interests and the theme of human rights. Internships and study abroad opportunities are available.

B.A. Human Rights (University of Ireland)

The National University of Ireland, Galway in Galway, Ireland, grants a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Rights through a four-year undergraduate program. During the first year, students learn the basics about human rights and take an in-depth look at the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The second year involves thematic explorations of specific issues in and aspects of human rights. For the third year, students are involved in a mandatory work placement to gain practical experience working in the field, and the final year involves the completion of general education requirements and a culminating research project.

B.A. Human Rights (University of Winnipeg)

The University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program that requires four years of full-time study to complete. All students in the program take courses in security and the United Nations, global citizenship, resettlement and refugees, transitional justice and concepts in human rights. Then, students choose from three different streams of elective courses based on their career goals and interests. Classes for the electives are offered by many different departments at the university and include coursework in history, social sciences, law and economics. Admission into the program is highly competitive and requires a strong secondary school transcript.

B.A. Human Rights & Equity Studies (University in Toronto)

York University in Toronto, Canada, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Human Rights & Equity Studies for students who wish to work as human rights workers, refugee advocates, equal rights officers or social services workers. Also suitable preparation for studying human rights at the master’s level, the program includes a wide range of mandatory courses, giving students a broad background in human rights as it relates to social justice, women’s rights, globalization, emancipation, community action, workers’ rights, politics, children’s rights, social change, LGBT rights and the rights to health care. Students will have opportunities to focus on an area of interest and select courses relative to their goals in consultation with their advisers.

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