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5 Free NGO Courses You Can Take Anywhere, Anytime

Amnesty International: Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights Defenders is a free online human rights course offered by the organization Amnesty International. The course is offered in English, Spanish, French and Arabic and is self-paced, allowing students to work through the course material at a rate that is comfortable for them. As a guideline, the instructors suggest completing one of the four modules each week. With this strategy, students will need to spend about four to five hours on the course weekly. The modules include: Human Rights Defenders, The Importance of Speaking Up for Human Rights, When Human Rights Defenders Work Together, and the Right to Defend Human Rights.

Amnesty International: The Rights of Refugees

Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees is a free online human rights course offered by the organization Amnesty International. Although the course instructors recommends dividing the course into three weekly units, the class is self-paced. Those who choose to complete the course following the recommended schedule will spend about three to five hours on the course during each week. By the end of the class, students will be equipped to defend the rights of refugees.

SUNY: Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector, Nonprofit Organizations, Nonprofit Leadership and Governance is a free online NGO management and leadership course offered by the State University of New York in the United States. The class focuses on nonprofits in North America; however, many of the concepts covered can be applied to nonprofits in other parts of the world. Lasting for five weeks, the course is taught through online videos. Students are also expected to analyze case studies, participate in online discussions, take quizzes and complete a course project. The units that makeup the class include: The Nonprofit Sector, Nonprofit Organizations, Leadership and Governance; Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Organizational Governance and Boards of Directors; The Board’s Role and Responsibilities; Concept Testing and Application; and Assessment of Learning: BEAR Peer Review and RAT Discussion Forums.

Oxfam: Make Change Happen

Make Change Happen is a free online social sciences course offered through a partnership between the Open University and OXFAM. The purpose of the course is to inspire activists and change agents to drive social change and to provide these individuals with practical tools that they can use to further their work. Consisting of eight units, the course lasts for eight weeks. Each unit involves a time commitment of approximately three hours to watch the video lectures and complete readings, discussions and assignments.

Oxfam: Research for Impact

Research for Impact is a free online course offered by the University of Cape Town in South Africa and Oxfam. The course can be beneficial for anyone who is involved in scientific and academic research in humanitarian and human rights fields. Broken down into six modules, the class lasts for six weeks. The modules are: Introduction to Research for Impact, Planning for Impact, Engaging and Partnering, Communicating for Impact, Building Capacities, and Influencing for Impact. Each module requires a time investment of about three to four hours. At the end of the class, students can pay to receive a certificate of completion. Financial aid to cover this cost is available for those with demonstrated need.

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