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5 LLM Programs in International Human Rights Law with Fully Funded Scholarships

LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Geneva Academy

The Geneva Academy offers both full and partial scholarships for its LLM program in Human Rights. Full scholarships cover the cost of tuition and living expenses in Geneva for ten months.

This is a one-year postgraduate degree and one of the most innovative LLM programs in international human rights law in Europe. Students are presented with intellectually challenging material in some of the most hot-button human rights issues of the day.

It provides practical training in both international humanitarian law and human rights law, as well as international criminal law. The program highlights the ways all three affect each other and the delicate balance needed when conducting inquiries.

There’s a world-renowned faculty from some of the biggest names in human rights, including the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

While core classes offer a firm foundation in a variety of legal areas concerning human rights, students can tailor their program to a specific interest. Examples of these interests include armed non-state actors, the regulations concerning international courts or tribunals, and counter-terrorism.

At the end of the program, students can find internships to hone their skills and can participate in moot courts for exposure to practical work outside of the classroom.

LLM in Human Rights, Columbia University

Columbia’s LLM program is a joint effort between their Human Rights Institute and their Law school. Students who apply for the fellowship have the opportunity for a partial or full tuition waiver plus living stipends depending on demonstrated financial need.

Students in this LLM receive training from both institutes in the practical applications of human rights law. They receive career mentoring and have the opportunity to attend special events with leading figures in this field.

They also participate in the cutting-edge human rights clinic, an innovative approach to practical training. They learn to be strategic and creative while navigating through the difficulties of applying human rights law to international circumstances and pursuing social justice across borders. This teaches them to work with communities and to advance human rights scholarship abroad.

Students are expected to devote significant time to the research and development of human rights and to belong to Columbia’s vibrant and dedicated community of social justice and international human rights members.

Candidates from Africa, Latin America, and Asia, as well as candidates who face racial discrimination, are strongly encouraged to apply for the fellowship.

LLM in Human Rights, Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University offers scholarships for the full cost of tuition for non-European students. Students must be studying full-time coursework to be eligible for this award.

Queen Mary’s program is the first association between a graduate school and a non-governmental organization. It’s designed to offer cutting-edge theory to students pursuing scholarship in human rights.

The program focuses on issues that are currently at the forefront of the world stage. These issues include international women’s rights, socio-economic rights and issues, the rights of children, and the rights of other just as vulnerable groups based on economic status, culture, language, and other areas.

It’s one of the top ten law schools in the UK, and many of the staff are nationally recognized experts, both in law and NGO experts in socio-cultural theory. The law center also offers specialized training in critical thinking and writing to give you the skills necessary to write effective briefs and hone your academic, legal writing skills.

You’ll also have access to some of the best databases and brick and mortar libraries in the world to do your research. The law center is located within walking distance to many law firms and the University of London Library at Senate House.

LLM International Criminal Justice and Human Rights, University of Dundee

The University of Dundee offers two full scholarships for students demonstrating honors level work in law and a commitment to work in human rights.

The University of Dundee is one of the top-ranked law schools in Scotland and focuses on criminal work in the area of human rights. Students are trained in international court systems and contemporary issues in the field.

The LLM focuses on issues such as organized crime, regional civil wars that cross borders and spill over into other affected territories, as well as international terrorist activity. The investigation of international crime and the effective prosecution across borders is paramount to a more harmonious global society.

Classes are taught by staff members nationally ranked in their field and dedicated to their work. Students have a combination of classes, seminar, and research methods. Students also participate in legal research courses to hone vital academic research skills in this field, culminating in a written dissertation at the end of two blocks of class.over the summer.

LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University

American University’s Washington College of Law offers many opportunities for LLM students to apply for full tuition funding and fellowships. It offers scholarship assistance to students showing aptitude for law and a dedication to the areas of human rights and advocacy.

The LLM program is a hybrid masters program with both onsite and online curriculum offerings, allowing students a wide range of flexibility to acquire their advanced degree. It’s offered in both English and Spanish, making it one of the most accessible LLM programs in international human rights law in the world.

The residential component of the degree is taught by experts from the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian law during its summer intensive courses. These are specialized courses designed for an intensive introduction to the world of international human rights, and students are required to be available for two three-week sessions during the summer term.

The virtual courses are taught in live two-hour sessions in which students from around the world interact with the faculty and each other. Students participate in the coursework and gain global recognition from anywhere in the world.

The faculty themselves are experts in the field and practicing lawyers in Humanitarian Law. They are essential contacts for future employment and include NGO members, international tribunal judges, and members of UN treaty bodies, among other experts.

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