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5 Low Tuition Fee Human Rights MAs For Non-Europeans (and Europeans alike)


  1. LL.M. International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (Switzerland, University of Geneva)

The University of Geneva is offering an english Human Rights MA with a total duration of 8 months. The tution fee per semester is 480 Euros. The objectives of the MA are to provide in-depth knowledge and legal expertise in international law applicable in times of armed conflict and to develop strong legal analysis skills relevant to a wide range of complex situations of violence.

  1. M.Sc. International Human Rights Law (Finland, Åbo Akademi University)

The Åbo Akademi University in Finland is offering a 24 months full time Master degree for no tuition fee at all for European and Non-European students. However, students are obliged to proof their English language skills in an IELTS exam.

  1. M.Ed. Peace Culture, Conflicts, Education and Human Rights (Spain, University Cádiz)

The University of Cádiz offers a 12 months full time human rights Master programme which costs 1.626 Euros for European and Non-European students alike. The courses are delivered in Spanish. The aim of the course is to set the conditions that guarantee human rights by means of studying in depth the content of the basic needs.

  1. LL.M. Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice (Spain, University of Valencia)

With a tuition fee of 1548 Euros this MA is among the more expensive ones in this list. The course language is Spanish and the curriculum has a full duration of 12 months. The MA offers offers advanced training in the area of human rights, democracy and international justice.

  1. M.A. Society, Law and Religion (Belgium, University of Leuven)

While this MA is not only focused on human rights we still have included it for its emphasis on the religious freedom and secularism. The Master has a total duration of 12 months and costs 612 Euros for Europeans/Non-Europeans.

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