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5 Tuition-Free Human Rights Education Programs 2017/2018

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The year is 2017 and the challenges we face as human civilization is coming to a head – with the rise of populist movements all over the world, the inexorable tide of immigration, and the upheaval of the existing global world order, there isn’t a better time than now to get an education in a field that these recent developments threaten very gravely: that of human rights.

That being said, there’s no better, and no more important time than now to make sure that in the face of a rapidly changing world beset by these developments, our freedoms and the most basic foundations of our inalienable rights that apply to all of us regardless of race, culture, and creed are protected, defended, and maintained.

This is the reason why the realm of human rights training and education needs more and more people who can make a difference in policymaking efforts – and taking postgraduate studies in this field will be an excellent first step in your development as a full-fledged human rights professional.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five tuition-free human rights education programs in 2017/2018 that you should consider applying to – it must be noted that all of the programs listed here are taught in English, so you may want to look into getting your English level certified prior to applying.

1. M. Sc. in Human Rights and Multiculturalism | University College of Southeast Norway, Drammen, Norway

This multidisciplinary program focuses on the interrelatedness of human rights and multiculturalism from a micro to a macro perspective, and will expose students in a wide range of discplines within the spectrum that human rights and culture covers. It seeks to discuss the most controversial questions in the face of recent global developments, and how we should react – especially with regard to asylum seekers and refugees.


2. M. Phil. in Theory and Practice of Human Rights | University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

This program focuses on the theory and practice of human rights based on its legal, historical, and political fundamentals – thus providing students with an orientation towards the legal aspects of human rights and its implications, literally giving them the opportunity to practice through mock trials and hearings.


3. M. Sc. in International Human Rights Law | Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland

This programm has an increased focus on human rights law and advanced policymaking. One extremly important skill if you want to work for law and policy units in NGOs. After all, all our protestations in the streets will have been for nowt if there isn’t any institutional change that happens. Do take note however that admissions tend to close during the month of January, so if you intend to take this course, make the necessary preparations as early as now. Tuition is not exactly free, but only costs EUR 120 per year for students coming from the EEU.


4. LL. M. in International Human Rights Law | Lund University, Lund, Sweden

If you intend to be a human rights practitioner in the realm of law, then this is the program for you as it tackles all the major legal issues that are related to human rights – from refugees, environmental protection, to democracy, and to cross-country crime, and would be a great way for you to embark on a career in some of the highest position of inter-governmental organizations and government. The application round has passed for the autumn intake, but take advantage of the fact that you have plenty of time to prepare your application this year – intake for autumn 2018 starts in October 2017.


5. Master in Social Work and Human Rights | University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

This multidisciplinary program tackles social work from the perspective of human rights – and caps it off with an assignmenet to a foreign country. What better way to put it into real world practice? By immersion in the field, students just don’t gain a theoretical perspective, but a complete, full-circle exposure from classroom to the real world.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: January 2018 (for prospective students without a Swedish degree), April 2017 (for students with a Swedish degree)

The time is ticking, and the world doesn’t stop turning – every day spent in indecision is a day lost. Start applying!

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