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6 Fully Online Master’s Degrees in Human Rights You Can Study Anytime, Anywhere

Distance learning has changed the way many of us professionals have approached learning – featuring the ease of access to world-class education (and the “democratization” thereof), coupled with the flexibility of learning, which is a necessity for many of us who are professionals in our chosen fields, regardless of what sphere we work in.

And this has inevitably opened doors for many of us who have always taken an interest in human rights, or for those of us who actually work in that field and want to broaden and enhance their learnings, or for those of us who want to shift into the field taking their previous experience into consideration already.

Nowhere is this more evident in the growing number of fully-online master’s degrees, of which we have compiled 6 great human rights degrees for your perusal.

Master’s in International Human Rights Law | Oxford University, Oxford, UK

The prestigious Oxford University offers a fully-online master’s program in international human rights law, wherein the prospective student is given the opportunity to freely study at his own pace over a period of two academic years, featuring two periods of fully-online distance learning, culminating in two summer programs held at one of its most historic and picturesque campuses – the New College in Oxford. Those working in the legal profession within the broader scope of human rights seeking to take their studies to a higher level should consider this two-year program, whose deadline for applications runs until November.

Master of Human Rights | Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Those seeking a master’s program with a general, multidisciplinary thrust should definitely consider the master’s program offered by Curtin University – one of Australia’s leaders in higher education. With a foundation that focuses on political theory, social sciences, philosophy, social work, and law, this program aims to enhance the prospective student’s critical thinking through the lens of human rights based on the aforementioned disciplines. As its thrust is multidisciplinary in nature, professionals of all stripes will find this program apt for practical use in whatever fields they work in – and rightfully so, since the program is meant to be taken at the student’s pace and availability.

LLM in International Human Rights Law | De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Renowned for its body of research, De Montfort University also offers a Master of Laws program in International Human Rights Law made so partly due to the fact that it was specially formulated in partnership with Informa Professional Academy – one of the true leaders and innovators in online and distance-learning solutions – to bring a fully-online, yet fully-immersive distance learning experience at the utmost flexibility possible. Barristers and solicitors are the ideal candidates for this program, as well as human rights professionals involved in policymaking, government, and  legal professions.

Master’s in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies | University of London, London, UK

The University of London isn’t only remarkable for its impressive body of students, its history of fine research, and its cutting-edge and progressive distance learning programs – it’s also remarkable for offering the only fully-online master’s program in refugee law and forced migration that is currently available. It only serves as a testament to the immediacy and the relevance of the institution, as well as the global challenge of how to manage the humanity crises and the reasons for its existence in the first place. All learning is done through a Virtual Learning Environment featuring rigorous, relevant learning and supportive guidance throughout the course of the program. This program is apt for human rights professionals particulary those operating in the complex and challenging specialization of a global problem – that of massive migration.

MSc in Social Justice and Community Action | University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

One of the latest offerings in the storied halls of the University of Edinburgh is this master’s program in social justice and community action, which aims to impart the requisite knowledge, training, and fundamentals required for you to mobilize social change for the betterment of social justice. This program is the talisman of the University of Edinburgh’s Global Justice Academy, which is an global network dedicated to addressing issues of social justice all over the world. The full master’s program can be taken over 2-6 years of distance learning.

Master’s in Human Rights and Global Ethics | University of Leicester, Leicester, UK

The University of Leicester is well-regarded for its achievements such as the invention of the ubiquitous technology known as genetic fingerprinting, as well as the discovery of King Richard III’s remains, but is just as equally well-known for its distance learning programs – that including its program in human rights and global ethics, which is made fully accessible through the internet anywhere and at any time. This online degree features a 12,000-15,000 word dissertation to earn your master’s degree at one of the UK’s finest institutions.

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