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6 Human Rights Games You Can Play Online

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Ayiti: The Cost of Life – Poverty

This game is designed to give players a better understanding on how poverty can become an obstacle to education. The game and its associated curriculum were issued by UNICEF and the NPO Global kids. At the beginning of the game you will take leadership of a family in Haiti and assign each member a different role with the ultimate goal to get your children educated while keeping them healthy and happy.

Against all Odds  – Refugees

In this game by UNICEF you live through the decisions and hardships refugees are facing every day. You can choose from three scenarios including War and Conflict, Border Country and A new life. What will you say to the abusive authorities? What will you take when you have to flee?

Payspent – Homelessness

This game will put you in the shoes of a homeless person. In the beginning of the game you will make decisions regarding your job, health and your accommodation. The game has a fantastic sound design, which creates a very intensive experience.

Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route – Refugees

This interactive game will put you in the shoes of a Syrian refugee trying to escape war. On your journey you will face several tough decisions that will have direct impact on you and your family. The journey will help you understand the dilemmas refugees are exposed to.

Prisoners of War – Geneva Convetions

This game will give you a better understanding of the Red Cross Movement and the Geneva conventions. In the beginning of the game you will answer a set of questions to get hired by the ICRC. You will then engage in certain tasks for example build a camp for Prisoners of War that complies with The Geneva Convention III.

Fighters for Rights – Social movements

This is an interesting game that will test your knowledge about human rights defenders from various regions of the world. How much do you know about some of the remarkable human rights movements that were established with these human rights pioneers? Who are their leaders? What did they do? Test your knowledge on some of the human rights movements with its pioneers, by playing play this game.

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