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Amnesty International offers course on Digital Security and Human Rights

Learn how human rights defenders protect themselves and others against digital threats. Equip yourself with the tools and tactics to defend human rights in the digital world.

Amnesty International, the world’s largest non-governmental human rights organisation, is offering a free massive open online course on digital security and human rights. You can start instantly and take the course at your own pace.

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A global team of human rights educators, technologists, researchers, campaigners and activists joined forces to create this unique course, which takes approximately six hours to complete and is taught entirely in English.

In this course you will learn how to identify and counter threats to human rights in the digital world. You will assess real-life scenarios and learn how to mitigate risks to human rights online and offline.

Throughout this hands-on learning experience, you will take action to increase your own digital security and shape your attitude to confront upcoming challenges in a rapidly evolving digital space.

The course will take a deep dive into the human rights most concerned in digital spaces and equip you with the knowledge and skills to defend freedom of expression and the right to privacy.

In the final week of the course you will explore how mass surveillance and targeted surveillance impact human rights and how you can advocate for laws and policies that increase the protection of human rights in digital realms.

In this course you will connect with course participants and activists from around the world and become part of a global community dedicated to defending human rights through digital security.

The course contents are free, accessible and open to everyone. You can opt-in for a paid verified certificate issued by Amnesty International’s General Secretary Kumi Naidoo.

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