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Anti-Racism in the Workplace: Join the Course for Free

Learn about the negative impact of racism in the workplace and explore how you can take action to tackle inequities and racial injustice in work settings. 

Catalyst, a non-profit organization with the mission to accelerate and strengthen workplace inclusion is offering an online course on Anti-Racism in the Workplace. This course takes roughly 5 hours to complete and is taught entirely online by leading diversity and anti-racism experts. In this course you will explore different perspectives on racism in the workplace and develop awareness and strategies to connect across differences. You will also learn how you can take action and dismantle bias in the workplace.

You will investigate different concepts of racism and learn about how underrepresented racial and ethic groups experience racism in their daily lives inside and outside a work setting. You will learn about the emotional tax and impact racism has on everyone who is treated differently simply because of who they are. You will learn about the consequences of discrimination based on gender, race and ethnicity and the negative effects on health, well-being and the ability to thrive at work. In this course you will also develop and nurture your inclusive leadership skills, embrace self-reflection and create an action plan to mitigate the negative impact of exclusion and unfair treatment in the workplace and beyond. Throughout the course you will also identify actions you can take to address racial injustice and inequities in your community and workplace.

While you can join and audit this course for free, you may opt-in for a verified certificate for an extra fee. Financial aid is available for those who qualify through the course provider.

Catalyst is a think tank in the field of inclusion and diversity and also offers courses on Understanding Gender Equality, Inclusive Leadership and Unconscious Bias.

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