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Emory University launches MOOC on American Civil Rights Movement


The Modern Civil Rights Movement is a significant hallmark in the history of the United States.  This movement was a struggle for human rights directly challenging the nation to extend its democratic principles to African Americans and all peoples. This course sheds light on the often overlooked strategic planning that supported the direction of the events and is told by a voice intimately involved in the organization of movement—Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. Topics include the history of the campaigns, the different coalitions and groups, philosophy and methods of nonviolent direct action, and the contemporary application of nonviolent conflict transformation. The course hosts several guest speakers, including Andrew Young, Reverend C.T. Vivian, Henry “Hank” Thomas, and Constance Curry.

This course requires a committment of 1-3 hours per week for the duration of 5 weeks. While the course is offered in English, it also provides Spanish subtitles.

What course participants have said:

“Great course! An honor to be with someone who besides being friend of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. have a biography at the height of the struggle for Civil Rights, Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr.!”

“Absolutely brilliant course. Each lesson is thoroughly enjoyable thanks to the charisma and passion of Bernard Lafayette, as well as eye-opening and educational in an astoundingly refreshing way. This course doesn’t just teach a concept, it motivates you to do something with the information and guides students towards an important method in attaining social change. The history and ongoing philosophy and campaign are nothing short of inspirational.”

“I’m learning so much, and it’s a wonderful format. We’re going to need to know these principles of Nonviolence if we’re to deal effectively with the regenerative changes needed. I’m so glad i heard about this course!”

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