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Erasmus University Rotterdam launches course on Serious Gaming

Serious Gaming is a free online course offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The purpose of the course is to examine serious games and what impact they have both on gamers and society at large. Lasting for six weeks, the class is taught through online videos. Supplemental assignments are given to deepen students’ understanding of the course material. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to play and analyze serious games in order to better understand the topics covered.

During the first week of Serious Gaming, students will explore the definition of serious games and find out how they compare to other forms of media. The second week focuses on The Theoretical Framework, discussing why people play serious games and continue to attempt to beat them even when they are difficult. In the third module, Different Serious Games and Simulations, students will have a chance to focus on simulation games. The fourth and fifth weeks cover Persuasive Games that seek to impact the attitude of the player and the overall impact of serious games. For the final week, students will explore the future of serious games and receive a brief review of the material covered during the previous weeks.

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