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Human Rights Campaigning Jobs offered by top organizations

Promoting human rights can take a variety of forms – human rights supporters change laws, do research, publish articles, and run for offices. More activism-driven human rights supporters tend to engage communities and mobilize them in the support for a human rights cause by starting petitions and taking action. If you are such a type of a human rights activist, you might want to make human rights campaigning your career. Joining one of these five top organizations which have jointly run thousands of successful human rights campaigns in every pocket of the world, the impact of your work and activism is bound to be maximized.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is one of the major human rights organizations active in dozens of countries across the world. With over 7 million supporters and activists, Amnesty International is essentially a global movement against human rights abuses. At the same time, this organization is certainly one of the most vocal and efficient ones when it comes to promoting human rights values and ensuring they are respected.

At any given moment, Amnesty International staff are running several international campaigns. These can focus on an individual whose human rights might be threatened or on a more general cause such as property rights or workers’ rights in a particular country or region. Anyone can support these campaigns online by sharing on social media or donating.

Having global operations, Amnesty International is in constant need of qualified communications and campaign officers. Officers are based in one of Amnesty International offices around the world, across Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe and they are a part of a strong network consisting of both international and local partners.

All available vacancies at Amnesty International are grouped in several different categories depending on the job type. An entire category is dedicated to Campaigns and Communications. In addition, human rights professionals interested in campaigning could also apply to Global Fundraising and Engagement positions. These two categories regularly advertise multiple vacancies such as assistants, volunteers as well as managers. Candidates are expected to be skilled at and passionate about online campaigning and connecting with communities.

To apply for a particular position, candidates will have to make an online profile and fill in their work and education history, as well as submit a cover letter and/or a publication.


A major catalyst for human rights changes around the world, Avaaz, needs skilled human rights campaigners more than any other organization. Avaaz is an online platform for petitions and campaigns that aims at concrete changes in laws, practices, and actions in the most different of communities worldwide. In the past decade, the Avaaz community has run successful campaigns in fields such as climate change, corruption, poverty, and conflict. The organization’s philosophy is that decision-making across the globe should be driven by people and local communities and that citizens must not stand still and watch policy-makers, politicians, corporations and other actors deteriorate their human rights.

On the online platform, people take action for the betterment of human rights every single second. So far, Avaaz campaigns have been supported by over 48 million people in 194 countries. These members have taken more than 383 million actions and run nearly 3,000 different and unique human rights campaigns. The organization’s human rights victories are many and have included passing anti-corruption legislation in Brazil, sending humanitarian relief to Burma and many others. Some of them have been supported by major influential people, such as foreign ministers, actors, and the head of the European Parliament. The campaigns are available in over 15 different languages, making human rights changes accessible to all.

To join the incredible Avaaz team, stay updated with the available vacancies in the field of Campaigning on the organization’s job portal. Avaaz is currently looking for several campaigners to work in languages such as English, Russian, French, or Greek, and always with a possibility to work remotely. The main requirement for any of these jobs is to be driven by human rights goals and ideas and motivated to help bring meaningful changes. All applications are submitted online via the platform.

Physicians for Human Rights

Through the means of scientific and medical research and investigations, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) aim to stop mass human rights violations that occur in different places around the world. Throughout its history, this organization has worked on raising awareness of and investigation issues such as forced disappearance, torture, extrajudicial killings, and attack on hospitals.

Physicians for Human Rights document human rights abuses, publish reports and articles, forward victims’ testimonies to relevant national and international institutions, and submit evidence to courts and tribunals in order to bring about significant human rights victories. One of the strategies this organization uses is calling for action. PHP partners with a number of local and international organizations to promote human rights. In the attempt to do so, they draft new legislation, call for interventions, prosecute individuals, and host hearings on major human rights issues. At the moment, PHP run campaigns to start investigations in Myanmar regarding the treatment of the Rohingya, and to sign the health professionals’ pledge against torture.

Consequently, besides medical professionals, PHP also employ professionals working in the sphere of media, advocacy, and campaigning. To be eligible for any of these positions, candidates should typically be knowledgeable about human rights systems and international human rights law and have great cultural sensitivity. It is also desirable that candidates have previous professional experience in the field of advocacy and well-developed campaign tactics. Applications are made via email and all candidates are asked to forward their resume together with a cover letter. PHP offices are based in the United States, in New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C. To stay updated with current vacancies, click here.

Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization in the United States, with more than 3 million supporters and members. Founded as a gay and lesbian political action committee to support pro-LGBTQ rights political candidates, the HRC now runs multiple human rights campaigns which have to with racism, discrimination, and voting rights.

This organizations has significant presence and visibility in all 50 states and it has successfully been running an Equality Voter Action Center, urging people to vote for politicians who support equality, and fights against discrimination. This platform consists of several action-driven components, such as the Equality Corps which recruits HRC volunteers and the Equality Action Academy where human rights activists are trained to sharpen their advocacy skills.

In the U.S., Human Rights Campaign has been voted as one of the best non-profits to work for. The organization’s employment strategy is based on equality, allowing everyone’s voice to be heard, and choosing passionate and knowledgeable candidates. On the organization’s job portal, interested candidates can frequently find vacancies that relate to communications and media. In particular, HRC regularly employs several field organizers whose tasks are to mobilize activists and support them in engaging in election work, as well as organizing and participating in campaign events. To apply, candidates typically need to have strong recruitment and organizing skills and to have previously been a part of a campaign. Furthermore, HRC employees need to have a passion for connecting with both local supporters and the more general LGBTQ movement. Such jobs are available throughout the U.S to all candidates regardless of whether they are LGBTQ or not. All applications are submitted online.

Human Rights Watch

Very few human rights organizations have the reputation and impact like Human Rights Watch (HRW) does. For decades, Human Rights Watch supporters and staff have been defending fundamental human rights and freedoms all over the world. One of the main mandates of the organization is to investigate human rights abuses, which is why it employs hundreds of academics, researchers, journalists, and lawyers. Nevertheless, HRW is also an organization that is vocal among local populations, one that mobilizes people, helps organize movements, and pressures decision-makers to secure a more human rights-respecting environment for all.

At the moment, HRW runs several human rights campaigns aimed at stopping current discriminatory practices, preventing discriminatory laws from being passed, or showing solidarity with grassroots movements. The organization’s online platform allows all interested people to take action and support one of the campaigns by sharing with their friends, donating, or writing to important decision-makers.

Human Rights Watch regularly advertises both early career and managerial vacancies on its job board. To assist with the campaigns, HRW is frequently looking for development and outreach assistants, interns, and officers, as well as communication and advocacy officers. Employees working in these sectors participate in organizing outreach and cultivation events, monitoring media coverage, or writing press releases. To apply for any position, interested candidates need to create a profile on the online job portal, update it with their qualifications, and attach a cover letter and resume.  Depending on the job description, both local and international professionals can apply.

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