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12 Organizations Offering Human Rights Jobs in Berlin


Amnesty International

The German section of Amnesty International is based in Berlin, so there are frequently open paid positions and internships available for those who wish to assist with this world-renowned nonprofit’s efforts to fight for human rights around the globe.

European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights frequently has paid positions and pro bono opportunities for lawyers and those in related fields. Its mission is to provide representation for cases that deal with violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Heinrich-Böll Stiftung

A major nonprofit, Heinrich-Böll Stiftung is an organization with a large budget committed to furthering democracy and championing equal rights. Through numerous projects, they help to put an end to discrimination on the grounds of national origin, ethnicity, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.


Affiliated with one of Germany’s political parties, the SPD, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is a foundation that provides consultancy work on topics related to peace-keeping, security, human rights, gender equality and social justice. Positions for those with degrees in law, social science or economics are frequently open with the organization.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is affiliated with the FDP party of Germany and performs a wide variety of services to help spread liberal democracy and defend human rights. Civic education is a major focus of the organization.

Flüchtlingsrat Berlin 

Dedicated to helping to fight for and defend the rights of refugees, Flüchtlingsrat Berlin is a network of various groups and individuals. Much of the work of the organization is done by volunteers; however, some full-time and consultant positions are found within the NGO.

Global Public Policy Institute

A completely independent think tank, the Global Public Policy Institute of Berlin conducts research and then develops strategies to advise governments and companies on topics related to human rights and other issues. Individuals with international public policy experience can often find work here as an employee or consultant.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch conducts research to uncover human rights abuses and violations throughout the world. Although small, their satellite office in Berlin is known to hire individuals with strong backgrounds in human rights research methodology.

Institut für Menschenrechte 

The Institut für Menschenrechte is working to defend human rights in a wide variety of ways. Employees of the institute are involved in conducting research, drafting recommendations and developing policies for the German government and international governments.

Transgender Europe 

If you’re passionate about fighting for transgender rights, working with Transgender Europe is a perfect fit for you. The organization seeks to raise awareness about transgender rights and to provide policy advice on related issues. Positions are all volunteer.


TwentyFifty is involved in consulting with foreign governments around the world to protect both human rights and the planet. While the firm is based in London, the company has satellite offices in Berlin and hires consultants to assist with projects.

Weltfriedensdienst e. V.

Also known as the WFD, the Weltfriedensdienst e. V. is focused on ensuring equal rights for men and women in developing nations and is well-known for their work to raise awareness about HIV. The organization hires field workers and has offices in Berlin for support personnel.

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