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4 Organizations Offering Human Rights Jobs in South Africa


The Foundation for Human Rights

The Foundation for Human Rights was founded to help defend human rights and fight discrimination in post-apartheid South Africa. Established in 1996, the foundation provides grants to fund programs that increase access to justice, defend constitutional rights and further participatory democracy in the country. Aiming to ensure that justice is equally applied to all citizens of South Africa, the foundation also provides increased access to education for vulnerable groups in South Africa through support of various programs. Funding for the foundation is provided primarily by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development of the Republic of South Africa. The offices of the Foundation for Human Rights are located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Human Rights Institute of South Africa

The Human Rights Institute of South Africa is an NGO that seeks to strengthen human rights culture, spread peace and further democracy in South Africa and in other parts of the world. Established in 1994, the institute was born out of the work of the Institute for the Study of Public Violence, which was founded the previous year by the Goldstone Commission Inquiry. The NGO partners with civil society groups, special advocacy groups and the South African government and provides training for human rights workers stationed in the field throughout Africa.  In addition, the institute performs advocacy work with both the African Commission and the African Court. Research is another important part of the NGOs function. The institute is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, but many positions do require extensive travel.

Sonke Gender Justice

Sonke Gender Justice is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote equality for all men, women and children living in South Africa and across the rest of the African continent. Nonpartisan and fully independent of government groups, the organization is striving to put an end to domestic and sexual violence in Africa. Another aim of the group is to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDs and to help those who are already infected receive access to medical care. Founded in 2006, the organization also defends the rights of at-risk groups, including migrants, refugees, adolescents and those in the LGBT community. The organization provides community education, partners with African governments and develops and implements community programs to achieve its mission. It operates out of offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bushbuckridge and Gugulethu.

HOPE Cape Town

HOPE Cape Town is helping to combat the HIV and AIDS epidemic, focusing on public health in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. In 2001, the nonprofit organization was founded by the Revered Father Stefan Hippler and Dr. Monica Esser to provide treatment for children in the region who were born with or infected with HIV. From there, the mission of the group grew with an expanded focus to offer care for all individuals who are HIV positive. The organization trains community health workers in areas where there is little access to medical care and provides free health care through their Delft Community Health Clinic. The main offices for the nonprofit are located in Tygerberg, South Africa, on the University of Stellenbosch campus.

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