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10 Organizations Offering Human Rights Jobs in Sweden

Civil rights defenders

Civil Rights Defenders is a non-profit organization which is committed to human rights, especially civil and political rights. The organization is active in Sweden and has its headquarters in Stockholm. They are however also active in Asia, the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe. The activities of Civil Rights Defenders include the monitoring of states and demanding justice and reparations in case of human rights violations by the government. The organisation furthermore raises awareness for human rights and advocates for the improvement of human rights issues. Lastly, the organisation regularly empowers people who defend human rights by giving them access to training, expertise and support. Working for this organisation requires a degree in among others law, human rights, political science and journalism, as well as a sincere interest in human rights. Most vacancies require fluent knowledge of Swedish, but occasionally there are also jobs advertised which require fluency in English. Currently the organisation is looking for a Swedish speaking Relations Director.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization which was founded in 1961 with the aim to create awareness for human rights violations and fight for justice and reparations for those who have suffered human rights violations. The organization has more than 7 million members worldwide and is therefore a popular employer for people who are interested in working with human rights. Usually the job positions within Amnesty International Sweden require fluent knowledge in both the Swedish and the English language. Amnesty International Sweden is almost always looking for employees to recruit new members and raise money, and occasionally they also post vacancies for job positions such as project leader or legal researcher. The organization furthermore regularly offers internships positions and is always looking for new volunteers.

Sveriges Stadsmissioner

Sveriges Stadsmissioner is the umbrella name for local Stadsmission organisations which operate in many of the Swedish cities. The organization has existed for a long time, and the first Stadsmission organization was created in Stockholm in 1853. Other cities in which Stadsmission is active are Malmö, Göteborg, Linköping, Kalmar, Västerås, Uppsala and Örebro. The organizations focus on people in need who could benefit from immediate help to improve their situation. Most organizations are active with the integration of newly-arrived migrants and refugees, but they also help to improve the situation of local homeless people, kids, youth and elderly people. Stadsmission furthermore raises awareness for the environment, for example via their second-hand stores and their food banks to reduce food waste. Vacancies for Stadsmission can be found on every local Stadsmission website, and most local organizations are often looking for new people to join them.

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)

SIDA is a Swedish government agency which falls under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. SIDA is responsible for most of the official development assistance that Sweden gives to developing countries around the world. The organization aims to create awareness and respect for human rights, gender equality and democracy. Working for SIDA in the human rights and development field requires an academic degree as well as previous relevant work experience. Fluent knowledge of Swedish is required, as well as Swedish citizenship or a permanent residence permit.


UNICEF is a UN programme created by the United Nations General Assembly and provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to both children and their mothers in developing countries all over the world. UNICEF is active in more than 190 countries and most of their work is done in the field. However employees are also regularly needed to support the local organizations. UNICEF Sweden regularly publishes vacancies. Most of the job positions require fluent knowledge of the Swedish language. The organization also offers internships at the Swedish headquarters in Stockholm.

Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI)

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute is an academic institution established by Lund University in 1968. The institute operates independently from Lund University and its main goal is to promote respect for international human rights law as well as international humanitarian law. The RWI performs research, offers academic education and works globally with international development programs. The institute regularly publishes vacancies, both for its headquarters in Lund but also for its regional offices in Asia. Usually these vacancies are for positions as legal researchers or project managers and they require both academic qualifications as well as previous work experience. The RWI furthermore offers internships and scholarships, as well as a fellowship programme.

Doctors Without Borders / Läkare Utan Gränser

Doctors Without Borders is a non-governmental organization which offers humanitarian and medical help in developing countries where war is on-going or where medical assistance is needed to prevent or fight endemic diseases. Although most of the work of this organization is done in the field, usually by nurses, doctors and other medical professionals, there are also people needed to support the local offices worldwide. The Swedish office of Doctors without Borders is for example currently looking for a non-medical development advisor as well as a para-medical development advisor. The job positions usually require academic qualifications and previous work experience in the field of humanitarian assistance and development.

Red Cross / Rode Korset

The organization of the Red Cross consists of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) which is a private institution which works in the field to enforce humanitarian law and assists people who live in warzones. In addition, the Red Cross movement has National Red Cross Societies in almost every country in the world. Roda Korset is the national organization active in Sweden and they offer assistance to people in need within Sweden. The organization gives out food to those who need it and assists migrants and refugees with their asylum process and integration. Currently the organization is looking for a lawyer familiar with migration law, a course leader for first-aid projects, a water engineer and social workers.

Plan Sverige

Plan Sverige is a part of Plan International, an international non-governmental organization with the mission to address the needs of children worldwide. The organization offers education, economic security, health services and clean water and sanitation in developing countries. It furthermore provides trainings to prepare locals for disasters and assists countries where disasters have taken place. The job positions at Plan Sverige require fluent knowledge of the Swedish language. Currently the Swedish organization is looking for an advisor affiliated with children’s rights and a project leader for its fundraising department.

Rädda barnen / Save the Children

Rädda Barnen is the Swedish section of Save the Children International and was founded in 1919. Save the Children is an international non-governmental organization with the mission to promote the rights of children and to provide relief and support to children in developing countries. The organization advocates for policies that promote the rights of young people and are in line with the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The Swedish section is regularly looking for new employees such as lawyers, project managers, social workers and consultants. Currently the organization is looking for a social workers, a psychologist and two project leaders with fluency in Swedish.


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