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Human Rights Salaries at the UN

The salary you will receive in a human rights position at the UN depends on various factors such as the grade you are in, mobility or hardship allowances you may receive, your dependents and post adjustments to your salary. Various of the elements that constitute your income are subject to change regularly. The numbers below therefore can only be an estimate.

Grade Salary 1 Child
P-1  3,961.32 USD  4,229.21 USD
P-2  4,962.03 USD  5,332.25 USD
P-3  5,944.23 USD  6,423.22 USD
P-4  7,140.88 USD  7,737.77 USD
P-5  8,515.87 USD  9,254.90 USD
P-6  10,039.04 USD  10,974.42 USD

The salary system at the UN comprises of 5 Professional grades (P-1, P-2…), two Director levels (D-1, D-2) as well as the levels of Assistant Secretary-General and Under Secretary-General. The scales are expressed as gross and net (dependency and single) base salaries and applied uniformly, worldwide, by all organizations in the United Nations common system.

The salary will also vary strongly, based on the duty location, Danger Pay and the insurances you choose.

Grade Afghanistan Germany Syria South Sudan Iceland
P-2 9,134.33 4,734.97 8,536.79 8,676.22 5,380.31
P-3 10,215.48 5,671.68 9,498.24 9,665.59 6,446.29
P-4 11,822.54 6,812.97 10,959.64 11,160.98 7,744.91

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