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5 Masters in Forced Migration and Displacement

Conflict, Displacement and Human Security (University of East London)

The University of East London, United Kingdom, offers a Master of Arts degree in Conflict, Displacement and Human Security. Students in the program have the opportunity to focus on one of the following areas of interest: human rights in conflict, social justice and change, migration, refugees and belonging and gender issues. In addition to electives related to these specialty areas, all student take classes in: Conflict, Displacement and Human Security; Qualitative Research Methods for Social Sciences; Introduction to Forced Migration; Development in the International Context; Current Issues in Forced Migration; Global Environmental Politics; and War and Human Rights. Students are free to choose from a one-year full-time program or a two-year part-time program.

Migration and Displacement (University of the Witwatersrand)

The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, offers a Master of Arts degree program in Migration and Displacement. All students complete two classes: Introduction to Migration and Displacement and The Logics and Methods of Migration Research. Then, they select one elective offered by the African Centre for Migration & Society and a second elective provided through the School of Social Sciences. A master’s thesis is also required. The program is offered as both a one-year full time and two-year part time course of study, making it popular with working professionals as well as students who are entering graduate school immediately after earning a bachelor’s degree.

Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (University of Oxford)

The University of Oxford, England, United Kingdom, offers a Master of Science degree program in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies. This program lasts for three terms, requiring only nine months of full-time study to complete. During the first term, students take core classes that explore the topic of refugee studies from anthropological, political, legal and ethical standpoints. For the second term, students take elective courses related to international law, human rights law, humanitarianism or a regional specialization. Students have the option to complete more courses or compose a 10,000 to 15,000 word thesis during the final term.

Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies

The University of London, England, United Kingdom, offers a Master of Arts degree in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies. This program is unique in that it is offered entirely online and is geared toward individuals who are already working in jobs related to refugee protection or forced migration. Students are free to complete the requirements at their own pace. Most students graduate within two to five years. The following classes are required for the degree: Protecting human rights, refugees and displaced persons in international law;  An introduction to refugee and forced migration studies; Asylum law in Europe: towards regional harmonization of international protection; Asylum and refugees in Africa and Latin America: regional models for refugee protection in the global south; Internal displacement in law and policy: war and beyond; Gender, sexual identity and age in the refugee context; and Securing refugee protection in practice.

Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (DePaul University)

DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, United States, offers a Master of Science degree in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies. The program lasts for two years and involves full-time study; however, the majority of the classes are offered in the evening to meet the needs of working adults. A multi-disciplinary program, the course of study includes classes in law, history, public health, public service and international studies. Every student is required to complete hands-on work with a local agency or institution that works with refugees.

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