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MSc Human Rights and Multiculturalism

University University College of Southeast Norway
Degree type Master
Academic title M.Sc. Master of Science
Location Norway
Methodology on campus
Commitment Full time
Duration 24- months
Tuition fee Tuition free
Deadline 1. December 2019, 1. March 2019, 1. May 2019
Language English

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This is an interdisciplinary program focusing on human rights and culture at local, national, regional and international levels.

The program is designed to accommodate students with degrees in different academic disciplines. It is also a post graduate degree course in teacher education.

Because human rights knowledge and awareness of the public issues are crucial elements in the realization of human rights, the study of human rights education and human rights in professional practice are important elements in the program.

Course Syllabus

During the first semester the students complete four compulsory courses:

  • Introduction to Human Rights and Cultural Diversity
  • Human Rights and other value systems
  • Human Rights and multiculturalism issues in the implementation of national policies
  • Human Rights, multicultural diversity and the politics of recognition

In the second semester the students choose three of the following electives and the compulsory courseĀ research methodology and thesis development:

  • Theories of culture: advanced course
  • Variation in Human Rights respect across states
  • Human Rights and multiculturalism in international institutions and relations
  • Human Rights education and diversity

In their second year of study, the students develop their master’s thesis and two compulsory courses.

Admission Requirements

A Bachelor’s Degree of at least 3 years’ duration beyond the minimum requirements for matriculation at a Norwegian institution of higher education, with 90 credits (ects) from the Social sciences (broad sense).

In addition, we require a cumulative grade point average equivalent to, or better than, a C in the Norwegian system (we do the grade conversion).

English Language Proficiency Requirements.

Please read all the information about the admission process before you apply.

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