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Online Course: Facing Racism and Emotional Tax in the Workplace

Learn about the severe impact of racism in the workplace and examine concrete actions you can take to address it. 

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Racism and discrimination deny people their human rights simply because of who they are. Systemic racism is still widespread and embedded in our societies, institutions, and organizations. In workplace settings, racism has severe consequences. Organisations, leaders, and employees must step up and take action to combat racism at work and establish a culture of human rights, fairness, and equality. Creating safe spaces for everyone is essential for societies, organizations, and businesses alike.

As UN Secretary General António Guterres stated in a press conference on 19 November 2020, “Racism is a persistent scourge of our world. People’s opportunities for education and employment, and their access to healthcare and justice, are often determined by their race.”

The non-profit organization Catalyst, specialised on gender, race, and workplace equity, offers a certified online course on tackling racism in the workplace. The course takes roughly 2 hours to complete and fits into busy schedules.

The course consists of four parts that enable employees, managers, and leaders to develop and strengthen their inclusive leadership skills and create an initial action plan to address exclusion and unfair treatment.

The first part of the course will equip participants with improved self-reflection skills that are necessary to better understand the far-reaching history of systemic discrimination, mistreatment, and unfair policies.

In the second part of the course learners will examine key concepts of structural racism and investigate the role it plays in contemporary workplaces and in societies around the world.

The third part of the course is dedicated to emotional tax and its impact on health, well-being, and productivity, especially on marginalised racial and ethnic groups.

The last part of the course will equip participants with the skills to practise inclusive behaviours through fostering empathy and allyship. After completing the course learners will be able to take concrete actions to tackle racial inequalities in the workplace.

While the course is free to audit, learners can opt-in to receive a verified certificate for an extra fee. The course is part of Catalyst’s professional certificate on Workplace Equity that is recommended for learners who aim for a more extensive learning experience and credential.

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