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Top 10 articles on Human Rights Careers in 2016


1. Free Online Courses in Human Rights

One of the most popular publications on Human Rights Careers is a compilation of free and/or certified human rights online courses available on platforms like EdX, Coursera and NovoEd. In 2016 the list of free human rights courses increased from only a few to more than 30 online courses. Many website visitors contributed to disseminante quality human rights education for free by sharing our page.

2. Paid Human Rights Internships

In 2017 Internships should be paid. The readers of our website share this point of view and made the Paid Human Rights Internships page one of the most popular in 2016. One reason for that is, that it requires months of work to dig out the paid gems from the vast majority of unpaid internships. A new update on employers who signed the “We pay our interns” Charter will be published soon.

3. UNICEF launches free online course on Social Change

Beside Utrecht University’s Human Rights and Open Societies MOOC and Amnesty International’s Refugee Rights MOOC, this free online course by UNICEF and University of Pennsylvania is among the most popular human rights courses online. Many course participants signed up or opted in for a verified certificate to further shape their CV and receive a certification by UNICEF and Penn University.

4. Utrecht University launches MOOC on Human Rights

Founded in 1636, the University of Utrecht is now a modern, leading institute enjoying a growing international reputation. In the Shanghai Ranking, Utrecht University ranks 1st in the Netherlands, 17th in Europe and 56th worldwide. It is not surprising that many students decided to take the opportunity to receive quality human rights education from a renowned university for free.

5. How to get a job at the UN

Many aspiring leaders and young professionals share the dream to work for the United Nations. This article tells the story of Geneviève LaSalle, who grew up in a small town in France and finally made it into the UN. The article provides first hand experiences and valuable insights in how one can get the foot in the door of the UN.

6. Six Tuition free Master Programs in Human Rights

High tuition fees are still a huge problem of social injustice and inequality. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a scholarship. In this article we listed universities and institutions, which offer quality education in human rights for free.

7. Human Rights Jobs

Our featured human rights jobs section contains handpicked job vacancies from renonwed institutions, NGOs and NPOs. This category has become well known as a huge timesaver for everyone who seeks a career in human rights.

8. Human Rights Scholarships

Many students cannot pay for the high tuition fees that human rights masters programmes require and scholarships dedicated specifically to human rights studies are rare. Over the course of one year we compiled the best human rights scholarships in one single page. It didn’t go unnoticed and many people shared our page.

9. How to prepare for your UN phone interview

The next article in our list of the Top 10 articles on Human Rights Careers in 2016 provides some insider tips on how everyone can prepare himself/herself better for an interview on the phone. The article shows, there is plently one can do with minor efforts, to get better results in a job interview.

10. Beginner’s Guide: How To Write a Human Rights report

This article, which is giving basic guidance on how to write a human rights report, was picked up very well by our readers. It shows once again the necessity to publish more skills-related articles on Human Rights Careers. Stay tuned, there is much to come in 2017.

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