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7 Masters to Study Indigenous Rights, Law and Languages

American Indian Studies – Indigenous Rights and Social Justice (Arizona State University)

American Indian Studies: Indigenous Rights and Social Justice is a two-year course that is offered at Arizona State University. It focuses on different challenges that indigenous communities are facing and how the learners can carry out effective advocacy for social justice. Using the case of the American Indian populations as reference, this program touches different areas of indigenous rights as they relate to culture, language, history, legal policies, arts, education, and activism. With the knowledge acquired from this study, you will be able to work with non-profit, governmental and private entities to solve a wide range of issues that are related to indigenous rights and social justice. Starting in January 2021, American Indian Studies: Indigenous Rights and Social Justice is a full-time, English program.

Indigenous Peoples’ Law and Policy (University of Arizona)

With full-year tuition of 10,102 EUR, Indigenous Peoples’ Law and Policy is a special course that is centered on tribal law and policy, federal Indian law, and indigenous human rights. Provided by the University of Arizona, this program is taught by lecturers and professionals who have experience in both academic and practical settings. The main requirement for this course is a degree in law. Before completing the study, students must have completed coursework of about 24 credit hours on the campus of the University of Arizona. Significant scholarships are available for those who qualify.

Indigenous Studies (University of Auckland)

Indigenous Studies is a master’s degree program that is offered by the University of Auckland. This program investigates economic, cultural, political, and methodological challenges that are facing Indigenous peoples as they continue their struggle for self-determination. The curriculum of the course also include Indigenous Theories and Rangatiratanga (Self-determination). Students are also required to complete a dissertation before the end of the program. With the skills and knowledge derived from this study, students can build a career in various areas such as policy and law, tribal and political advisement, teaching and research, government and community leadership, and resource management.

Minority Rights Law (Middlesex University)

Provided by Middlesex University, Minority Rights Law is a 1-year program putting emphasis on humans rights, social exclusion and gender issues from a holistic point of view. You will also learn about the factors that hamper implementing or actualizing rights. By using critical assessments of sustainable development programs and human rights, this study will allow you to investigate how the law works with regards to legal processes, concepts and systems. Afterward, you will learn about how theoretical law concepts differ from their applications. This course comes in the form of LLM, PG Cert and PG Dip, depending on the previous academic qualifications of the students.

Indigenous Relations (Laurentian University)

Indigenous Relations is a master’s degree program that is offered by Laurentian University. This study has a duration of two years and is open to students from all countries around the world. Basically, the Indigenous Relations program centers on providing a more encompassing view of research, traditional teachings, theories, perspectives and various practices of the Indigenous populations. This master’s degree program also challenges you to explore some of the complexities and latest developments in issues concerning Indigenous communities. It will equip you to create research proposals as well as policies that affect the health, social, political and environmental wellbeing of the Indigenous peoples. To gain a deeper understanding of politics, human rights, governance, literature, and ecology of the Indigenous communities, you will engage in comparative studies. Notably, this program will strongly focus on the Indigenous people of Canada.

Equality Studies (University College Dublin)

Offered at University College Dublin (UCD), this master’s degree program is unique in Europe. As the name suggests, Equality Studies allows learners to come together to evaluate equality issues around the world from an array of aspects. The study is targeted at individuals that want to understand global social justice challenges from the perspective of different disciplines. It allows students to explore the major gaps between theory and practice when it comes to implementing positive social change. Students will develop strategies and ideas to combat several problems that affect global justice, human rights, and equality. The modules of this course include Sociology of Inequality, Egalitarian Theory and Practice, Researching and Challenging Social Injustice, and Human Rights Law and Equality. This 1-year master’s degree program is recommended for students with interest or experience in community activism, community development, journalism, and education.

Indigenous Languages Education (University of Sydney)

This master’s program, that is offered by the University of Sydney, is centered on the linguistic features of the Indigenous Australian languages and the theories that are related to the acquisition and learning of languages. Although this 1-year program is all about the Indigenous Australian languages, fluency in any of the languages is not a prerequisite for participating in it. The outlines of the Indigenous Languages Education program include Language Curriculum Development, Words, and Meanings in Indigenous Languages, Learning an Indigenous Language, Research Project in Languages Education, and several others. After completing this full-time study, the learners will also be able to teach Aboriginal Languages Syllabus at various school levels for children.

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