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University of Sheffield launches course on supporting victims of domestic violence

Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence is a free online health and psychology course offered by the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. This class is intended for individuals who are likely to come in contact with individuals who may be victims of domestic violence during the course of their work. Specifically, the class can be beneficial for medical professionals, social workers and other social services providers, law enforcement officers and educators.

Presented through online videos, Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence is taught in English. An entry level course, the class has no prerequisites or work experience requirements for enrollment. The class is comprised of three video lecture modules. Students complete one module during each week of the three-week course.

Approximately three hours of study time is required to watch the videos and complete supplemental readings and assignments.

By the end of Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence, students will be positioned to identify individuals who may be victims of domestic violence and take action to help them leave dangerous situations.

The class begins with a thorough discussion of gender-based, what it is and why it occurs.

Then, the course explores different forms of domestic violence, teaching how prevalent they are and what their impacts are. Next, the course reviews signs of domestic violence and provides tips on how to recognize them. The course concludes with an exploration of the various ways that victims of abuse and domestic violence can receive support.

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