University Global Campus of Human Rights
Degree type Master
Academic title Postgraduate Diploma
Location Italy
Methodology on campus
Commitment Full time
Duration 10- months
Tuition fee 5500 € per year
Deadline 12. May 2020
Language English

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The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA) is a one-year course aimed at educating up to 100 professionals annually in the field of human rights and democratisation. It provides the foundation for a career in national, international, governmental, inter-governmental and nongovernmental organisations, as well as academic institutions dealing with human rights and democratisation.

The Master’s Programme offers an action- and policy-oriented approach to learning that combines legal, political, historical, anthropological, and philosophical perspectives with skill-building activities and a field trip exercise.

EMA is both a residential and an exchange programme. The first semester is organised at Global Campus Headquarters in Venice, while the second semester takes place in one of the 41 participating universities within the member states of the European Union.

Course Syllabus

The first semester curriculum consists of:

  • first stream courses organised in five Thematic Sections: Human Rights Institutions, Mechanisms and Standards; Globalisation, Development and Human Rights; Human Rights in Context: Historical, Philosophical, Anthropological and Religious Perspectives; Building and Protecting Democracy; Human Rights, Peace and Security.
  • Second stream courses tailored to students’ academic background and interests: advanced cluster classes; rolling seminars; academic skills classes; workshops; skill building activities.
  • A field trip to Kosovo aiming to provide insights into the practical tasks, difficulties, and expectations human rights officers face in the field, and to get a better understanding of the situation in a post-conflict country.

During the EMA second semester students relocate to one of the 41 participating universities to follow courses in an area of specialisation of their own choice and to undertake personal supervised research finalised in the writing of their master‘s thesis.

Admission Requirements

EMA is open to EU and non-EU citizens.
The criteria used during the selection process are:

  • academic ability and background
  • professional/volunteer experience
  • language competence
  • motivation.

Applicants are required to hold a university degree of a high standard in a field relevant to human rights, including disciplines in Law, Social Sciences and Humanities, and must have a minimum of 180 ECTS (Bachelor/General Degree).
Certified fluency in English is an admission requirement to the programme.

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