Master in Human Rights and Conflict Management

Designed to provide a deep understanding of human rights and conflict management in both theory and practice, this master program aims to prepare students coming from different cultures and backgrounds for future employment at non-governmental organizations, government agencies, humanitarian organizations, the UN agencies and regional organizations. The program is under a patronage of the UN Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) and is organized in cooperation with the International Research Laboratory on Conflict, Development and Global Politics and the International Training Programme for Conflict Management of the Scuola Sant’Anna.

The master is a competitive program open to 28 candidates who are trained to acquire high-ranking positions during their future careers and work in the field of human rights protection as well as prevention and mitigation of conflicts. The program’s curriculum is very field oriented and besides attending courses students have an opportunity to engage in internship, which aims to supplement classes and provide a relevant and practical experience. Students are required to complete at least a 3 months internship with an organization working in the areas of human rights protection and promotion, conflict prevention and resolution, humanitarian assistance or development, either in the field or at headquarters.

Admission requirements

  • At least a three-year university degree or equivalent.
  • At least B2 level of English proficiency

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