Master of Arts in Governance and Human Rights

The master program in Governance and Human Rights connects the practical application with the theory of science. During seven modules, the students engage in analysis of political and legal theories of governance and regional and international human rights systems and their interconnectedness. The master is designed for students with professional experience and interest in the areas of business, the non-profit sector, international organizations, politics, and development.

At the center of the program is project-based learning where students design, plan, organize, and implement their own projects dealing with a practical challenged connected to the field of governance and human rights. During the program, the students learn how to conceptualize and contribute to social change and learn the communication and design skills to be able to adapt theory to human rights and governance to their professional working environments, such as par of corporate social responsibility or sustainable development policies.  During employment of the project-based learning, students are supervised by practitioners, experience project trainers, and human rights academics.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least one year of qualified professional experience
  • Advanced English language skill

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