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100 Paid European Council Traineeships open for application

The General Secretariat of the European Council of the European Union is currently accepting applications for paid traineeship positions. One hundred positions are open and require filling. The trainee positions are offered in two waves. The first wave lasts from February 1, 2020, until June 30, 2020, while the second wave lasts from September 1, 2020, until January 31, 2021.

To be considered for one of the General Secretariat traineeship positions, applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of a European Union member nation. Due to the ongoing discussions between the United Kingdom and the European Union regarding Brexit, UK nationals are currently eligible for the first wave trainee program; however, if the UK exits the European Union prior to the end of October 2019, these applicants will be disqualified.

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In addition to the residency requirement, the General Secretariat traineeship position has educational requirements. Applicants must currently hold a bachelor’s degree or have completed all of the requirements to receive a degree by the close of the application period. In addition, applicants must also either hold health insurance coverage of their own or agree to pay 13 € per month to receive coverage through the European Union’s plan. Also, applicants must be fluent in either English or French. Those who are fluent in at least one official language of the United Nations will receive special consideration. These languages are Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

During the traineeship, participants must relocate to Brussels, Belgium, in order to work at the council headquarters daily. A travel allowance is provided to individuals who live more than 50 kilometers away from Brussels to cover the costs of relocation. The amount of the allowance varies based on the distance of the move with the largest allowance available being 800 €. All trainees receive a grant of 1196.84 € per month during the trainee program. Job duties and daily responsibilities will vary for each trainee.

Applications for the General Secretariat of the Council traineeship positions are accepted online at the official website for the General Secretariat. In addition to completing all of the questions on the application, students must submit supporting documentation. A legible copy of a passport or identity card is required as well as a copy of all diplomas or official certificates. Individuals who have work experience that they wish to have considered when they are examined by the selection committee must submit proof of these positions. Applicants may also be required to submit exam scores to verify fluency in any language stated on the application form. For the first trainee period, applications and supporting documentation must be received by noon Brussels time, September 30, 2019.

Those who make it through the first round of selection will be contacted via email and asked to submit further documentation. If this information is provided, the office of the traineeship will then send along the traineeship agreement. Individuals who are not selected will receive an email notification by the end of January 2020 for first wave placements and June 2020 for second wave placements.

For more information please visit the official website.

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