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About Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative is an independent, non-partisan, international non-governmental organisation, working for the practical realisation of human rights across the Commonwealth. The organization’s present programme of work focuses on police reforms, prison reforms and promoting access to information. It also overviews the human rights situation in all 53 countries of the Commonwealth, looking especially at the situation of human rights defenders, compliance with international treaty obligations and monitoring performance of Commonwealth members of the new United Nations Human Rights Council. Activities include making periodic submissions to appropriate international fora, clause-by clause analysis of draft bills, bringing out research reports, networking and doing capacity building trainings for governments and civil sociey.

Work area

Research, Advocacy, Education, Campaigns, Activism, Lobbying


Working for the practical realization of human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth.

Country Offices

Ghana, India, United Kingdom


Founded: 1987
Location (HQ): India
Scope: Global
Focus area: All human rights

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