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Freedom from Torture is a British non-profit organization which provides therapeutic care for survivors of torture who seek protection in the United Kingdom. Since it was established in 1985, over 57.000 survivors of torture have been referred to the organisation for help and it is one of the world’s largest torture treatment centres. Freedom from Torture provides medical and psychological documentation of torture, a range of rehabilitation therapies, including psychotherapy, individual and family counselling, physiotherapy and complementary group work as well as practical advice and support. It trains health, legal and policy professionals throughout the United Kingdom to work with the complex needs and rights of torture survivors. A key area of Freedom from Torture’s work is to advocate for torture survivors and to ensure states responsible for torture are held accountable. It works to guarantee the human rights of survivors nationally and internationally.

Work area

Advocacy, Education, Campaigns, Activism, Lobbying


A world free from torture.

Country Offices

United Kingdom


Founded: 1985
Location (HQ): United Kingdom
Scope: Regional
Focus area: Toture

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