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About Human Rights House Foundation

Human Rights House Foundation (HRHF) is an international human rights organisation. It protects, empowers and supports human rights defenders and their organisations through Human Rights Houses, which are collaborative projects of non-governmental organisations working in partnership to promote and advance human rights at home and abroad. Within a Human Rights House, human rights defenders and their organisations remain independent and address the rights and issues that matter to them and the society they live in, while they benefit from cooperation, shared resources, solidarity, expertise, visibility, and strength in advocacy. The Houses and the Human Rights House concept are core to everything HRHF does: from advocacy and awareness raising, to capacity building and protection. Advocating with Houses and partner organisations, the HRFH works to ensure defenders have the freedoms needed to carry out human rights work. The HRHF promotes the fundamental freedoms of assembly, association, and expression, and the right to be a human rights defender.

Work area

Advocacy, Education, Campaigns, Activism, Lobbying


We protect, empower and support human rights defenders and their organisations, and unite them in an international network of Human Rights Houses.

Country Offices

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom


Founded: 1989
Location (HQ): Norway
Scope: Global
Focus area: All human rights

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About the author

Ada Hasanagic

Ada Hasanagić is a human rights professional currently working as a researcher at the Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Previously, Ada graduated with honors from the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and the University of Buckingham in the fields of Political Science and International Relations. Also, she earned a master’s degree in Democracy and Human Rights from the University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna.