PhD studies in human rights

vma_human_rightsPhD in Human Rights
University of York (Centre for Applied Human Rights)

Possible fields of study include human rights activism, the practice of defending human rights, rights in developing nations, law enforcement, refugee studies, human rights protections and transitional justice. There are no specific course requirements.

vma_human_rightsPhD Human Rights
University of Essex

Possible topics include armed conflict, human rights in business, children’s rights, prisoners’ rights, human rights in developing nations, disaster response, environmental studies, freedom of expression, indigenous rights, media’s influence on human rights, poverty, disability rights, human trafficking, religious rights and women’s rights. The majority of students receive full funding to cover the cost of their education.

vma_human_rightsPhD in Human Rights
University of Coimbra

Classes are taken in the history of human rights, human rights theory, politics, human rights practices, diversity, discrimination, social reform, development policies and research methods. All students must also complete a short-term internship with a human rights agency or organization.

vma_human_rightsDoctoral Programme: Human Rights
National University of Ireland (The Irish Centre for Human Rights)

Students are free to audit courses related to their fields of interest and may choose to investigate many aspects of human rights, including, but not limited to, international criminal justice, peace support, economic and social rights, counter-terrorism and transitional justice. To be considered for admission, students must hold a master’s degree and have a record of academic excellence.

vma_human_rightsPhD Human Rights and Research Methods
University of Essex

The University of Essex in Colchester, England, United Kingdom, sponsors a doctoral program in Human Rights and Research methods. Ideal for students who wish to work in academia, in legal practice, in the private sector or with specific non-governmental organizations, the program allows students to choose from a broad range of areas of specialization.

vma_human_rightsPhD Research Degrees in Commonwealth Studies and Human Rights
University of London

Among the various options related to human rights include the protection of refugees, security and conflict, forced displacement and non-government organisation actors. Students may also choose to focus their human rights research on a specific area, such as South Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean, Latin America or England.

vma_human_rightsPhD A critical examination of UK asylum determination in the case of acutely vulnerable groups
Nottingham Law School University

The project may focus on an established category of vulnerability such as unaccompanied child asylum seekers or victims of torture and assess how the needs of these groups are reflected in current asylum procedures and reception conditions. Alternatively, the project may make a case, based on a clear theoretical underpinning, for the identification of other categories of vulnerability within the refugee diaspora.

vma_human_rightsPhD Balancing Expressive Rights against the “Rights and Freedoms of Others” at the European Court of Human Rights
Nottingham Law School University

This project will explore how the balance has been struck between the expressive rights of some and the “rights and freedoms of others”, with a suggested primary focus on the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights.

vma_human_rightsHuman Rights PhD
University of Sussex

Up to 75 Arts and Humanities PhD studentships available from the CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership. Human rights at Sussex goes beyond a narrow legalistic approach. You’ll work with expert faculty, exploring how humans are socially embedded in wider processes of poverty, violence, identity, globalisation, the emergence of global forms of governance.

vma_human_rightsPhD in International Law and Human Rights
Lancaster University

The students are part of, and work closely with, the Centre for International Law and Human Rights, attending workshops and conferences and presenting their work at student seminars.

vma_human_rightsPh.D. Minor in Human Rights
Indiana University (Center for Study of Global Change)

Human Rights under Pressure – Ethics, Law, and Politics” (HR-UP) is a fully-funded joint interdisciplinary doctoral study and research program, focusing on these challenges: first, crises and emergencies; second, the reality of diversity; and finally, intensified global interactions in the process of globalization.