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Human Rights Careers (HRC) was founded in November 2015 by a group of human rights students with the primary goal to help other students, alumni and young professionals to pursue a career in the highly competitive field of human rights. Today the plattform reaches more than 160.000 pageviews per month with a constantly growing and highly engaged audience on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Minds). The majority of our readers are coming from United Kingdom, United States of America, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and India.

Human Rights Careers publishes daily fresh articles about human rights jobs, paid internships, scholarships, events, competitions, fellowships and summer schools. On top of that Human Rights Careers maintains searchable listings about study programmes, free open online courses and reviews of books commonly used in human rights master programmes around the world. Additionally HRC is hosting a Careers Blog focusing on professional skill development, reports and career insights.

For Recruiters and Universities

Vacancy announcements – In our Human Rights Job Board NGOs, IOs and other employers can advertise their vacancies to reach a massive global audience of students, young leaders and human rights professionals. Paid vacancy announcements will additionally be promoted on our social media channels to more than 70000 followers on various Facebook channels and 6000 subscribers on Twitter. All vacancy annoucements will furthermore be promoted to our 10000 newsletter subscribers. If you have questions about your placement get in touch.

Blog Promotions – With spikes of up to 8000 readers per day Blog Promotions are the most effective way to promote your opportunities to a global audience. All Blog promotions are prominently featured on our Frontpage, shared to 70000 followers on 5 social media channels and promoted to 10000 double opt-in newsletter subcribers. If you are interested in  a blog promotion on HRC, get in touch with us.

Study Programmes and Onlince Courses – Universities and Institutions of Higher Education now have the opportunity to promote Human Rights Study Programmes, Summer Schools and Online Courses in our blogs increasing their visibility and social signals to reach top notch applicants from all over the world. Free Opportunities, such as Study programmes without a tution fee, can be advertised for free. All announcements will additionally be promoted to 10000 newsletter subscribers. If you are interested in advertising on HRC, get in touch with us.

For Students and Professionals

We invite human rights students and professionals to publish on Human Rights Careers to share their knowledge and expertise to a large global audience of engaged readers. We accept internship and field trip reports, career related articles, academic publications including seminar papers and thesis, as well as book reviews and reviews of study programmes. If you are interested in publishing on Human Rights Careers get in touch.