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3 Competitive Opportunities With The ICRC

Delegate in charge of relations with police and security forces

The ICRC is hiring a qualified Delegate in charge of relations with police and security forces. He/She maintain the dialogue with the authorities to facilitate acceptance of the ICRC, sensitize authorities on compliance with international norms and deliver trainings on international rules for police conduct and use of force. She/He will be a Senior Police Commissioned Officer and have a minimum of 10 years’ professional experience in police-related positions as well as a Master degree or an equivalent police/military academy diploma.

Digital Marketing Officer

The ICRC is accepting applications for the position as Digital Marketing Officer located in Geneva. He/She will create, develop and track email campaigns to ultimately increase the digital fundraising email marketing success. The successful candidate will also optimize the marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email and content. Also the successful candidate will grow the email subscriber base by providing them with regular, helpful content that’s aligned with their needs and interests. She/He will have a university degree or an equivalent combination of education or experience. At least 3 years digital marketing experience are required to apply for this position. To apply for this position fluency is required in English. The deadline for this vacancy is 7. October 2016.

Forensic Specialist

The ICRC is hiring a qualified Forensic Specialist for fieldwork. He/She will promote and support the effective implementation of relevant forensic standards and procedures, including for the management of the dead, for preventing and resolving the missing and for other applications of forensic science to humanitarian action. Among the duties of the Forensic Specialist is also to assist forensic institutions and practitioners involved in humanitarian forensic action. He/She will also contribute to the effective implementation of the ICRC’s strategies in humanitarian forensic action. She/He will have forensic case-work experience and must be a qualified forensic practitioner with at least 5 years’ proven experience and practice in forensic case-work applied to humanitarian or human rights investigations.

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